Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Word Filled Wednesday! & Wordless Wednesday!

This is one of the slides I used in the power point for my lecture today on Romans 13. The larger text was already there but I added the bible verse. I think it goes together nicely! Word filled Wednesday is so much fun because it allows me to explore my "creative side"! Thank you Amydeanne for hosting this each week!!! Please visit 160 Acre Wood to see some more creativity on display!!

Alright this is funny, I thought I was signing another Mr. Linky for Wordfilled Wednesday but it turns out I was signing up for Wordless Wednesday. So I had to come up with something quickly. This picture is one I just happened to find on my camera one day. It is one of my daughter's friends inside our dog kennel. Very normal stuff around here! No words needed....Visit Jenileigh for more fun on Wordless Wed.


Melanie said...

Kelly, I really like this. The picture and scripture go together so well.

Rhonda said...

That is great - it really does go together well. Very impacting.

Anonymous said...

It's so festive! You did a great job!
and don't feel inferior! The whole purpose is to spread God's word and you are doing it!!!!
I'm so glad you participate with me! It really blesses me and others! :)

luvmy4sons said...

You're such fun!

Jenileigh said...

LOL! That is so funny. You didn't have to do that but I appreciate it! I didn't realize there was a word filled wednesday until today. How kewel! I love both of your pictures. You have truly blessed me today! Happy Word filled and Happy Wordless Wednesday too! Hugs!

Joyful said...

Pictures really are worth a thousand words!

Was thinking of you all day. Trust your sharing went well.
Love & prayers,

Linda said...

Fun. Wish I were that talented.

Tiffany Stuart said...

Thanks for the power point, love it.

And love the photo. I have pictures just like it. I stop for laughs. Always. I love to create funny moments.

Tiffany Stuart said...
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Joyfull said...

Wow, great job on the picture and the verse!
Thanks for sharing.

Faithful Froggers said...


You are too funny! But I have to admit that I love the way you did the scripture and the picture! What a great idea to combine the two! :)

I am so glad your dad is doing better. Praises!!!

Have a great week!
Love & FROG,

Lana G! said...

LOL, love the WFW and the WW!

Susan said...

Hey Kelly,

Thanks for stopping by yesterday. If you ever need to chat, feel free to email me! I'm here...

LOVED the pictures, especially the one of your daughter, now that was so cute!

Have a blessed day today♥

Jenny said...

That is cute, I have that same picture with my nephew!

Have a great day!

freetofly said...

I was JUST thinking about this scripture yesterday! ANd the posting possibilities it presents!

I bet your presentation is awesome!

In Christ,

Kim said...

You crack me up Kelley!