Monday, March 31, 2008

Computer Woes Continue.....

Thank you all for your kindness and concern about my sickly computer. Here is the latest
Good News:
It looks like we were able to save all of my pictures and documents onto DVDs. Now all we have to do is wipe it clean and start over. Kind of like a hard drive transplant. HA!
Bad News:
It turns out my computer guy is also a storm chaser (remember the movie Twister?). Of course I live in Kansas and it is Spring so it should come as no surprise that we are experiencing an "active weather day". Yep, my guy Fred has left me and my computer behind as he goes in search of the "perfect storm".

Personally, my idea of storm chasing is to peek out the windows during a severe storm warning. I just can't understand the desire to jump in a truck and drive as close to a funnel cloud as possible. I have seen the Wizard of Oz and I know what can happen. LOL!

To be honest, I love storms too. But only if I can be inside with food, a good book, and in a perfect world, my laptop! Fortunately tomorrow's forecast calls for partial sunshine and mild temperatures. Good news for me, not so good for Fred.......

Meanwhile, my 15 minutes is up, I should get another turn in a couple of hours!


Jenny said...

Computer troubles are no fun!
Thank you for praying for Andrew, I just got the call that they let him leave the hospital, He is COMPLETLY fine! I still can't believe it!
Thank you again,

Joyful said...

Hi Kelley,
Just read about your computer woes. My husband was warning me just at dinner tonight that I should be saving my writing or e-mails etc...just in case something similar crashes on our computer. Hope you don't loose all your files.

I so relate to finding time to balance computer and laundry, cooking etc... I'm trying REALLY hard to use the computer as my "reward" once I accomplish all I should be doing in the day. Unfortunately, it means by the time I get to the computer I'm usually too tired to do much. Today has been an absolutely crazy shopping, working, two meetings...didn't get home until after 9pm. Fun to just have a few minutes to visit here with you.

Have a great day tomorrow,

Yolanda said...


One of the things that I need to work on is, my time, and the time I spend emailing my "girlfriends". It truly eats up a ton of time, especially, just hitting the button to see if anyone has responded. Isn't that just the craziest, what a "micro-wave" world we live in.

I do love it, when I walk away from it, and walk into the warms of my Savior. That sweet, one-on-one time.

Blessings and love,

Tonya said...

Bless your heart! Our laptop has not been working so I too have been fighting for my time on the computer. Guess how I finally fixed it?? I remembered that our 10 year old had taken our old router and replaced it with the new one, which of course had NOT been installed. NO WONDER the laptops kept saying "no connection."

As far as viruses go... we had a nasty one on our desktop a while back. Each time we'd get on through Internet Explorer there would be TERRIBLE pictures to pop up. I managed to find the name of the virus, and after googling I found something that actually took it off AND PROTECTS the computers from then on. (It'll probably help you too IF you can get an Internet connection) It's called "Spyware Doctor" and you can get it online at

Whatever it takes... I hope you're back up and running soon! As for your tornado chasing guy... I think I'd prefer to just wait it out in the basement. LOL!!

Jenileigh said...

While this isn't funny you certainly have a way of making it so! LOL! Thanks for the update!

Debbie said...

After Twister, my son wanted to be a storm chaser, but he is an Architect.

I hope your computer gets fixed soon!!!


luvmy4sons said...

Carck me should get another turn! Too funny!

Rhonda said...

I'm so glad that they let you have a turn. I'm sure adding once more person to the list doesn't make the desktop users very happy.

So, there really is storm chasers?!? I prefer to be watching from my window curled up in a blanket and with my husband close by so I don't get scared.

Kristen said...

I pray you are safe from the storms. Yes... I am like you... when it comes to storm chasing, let me be safe inside, cup of coffee in hand, good book, food and a window to keep my eye on things!

Bless your limited computer time! ;)

kcaimee said...

I am BEGGING my hubby & boys for a laptop for my birthday/Mother's Day (one week apart). I can't wait for the day that I don't have to compete with them playing their Webkinz to get online.

I never got back to you about church. We're going to try one more church that is close to home before we head over to Legacy because we always end up very involved in children's ministry so I really want to have a church home that is close to home. But, if it doesn't work out, I'll let you know when to watch out for us at Legacy!

"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

Hoping your laptop will be up and running soon!
I think being a storm chaser would be fun....of course, I've never been even close to a tornado so I'm not sure if that would change the way I might feel about chasing them!! :-)

grey like snuffie said...

I grew up in Hutch and I remember how many times my brother and I watched funnels flying over us. I love storms with thunder and lightening. My computer started having burps like my brain and I got an external hard drive to back everything up. I wish I could get one of those for my brain.

Tonya said...

Man, that stinks! If you could only get online! ;-/

Oh well, praying your computer guy gets you all set up. You probably "caught" the virus by clicking on pictures online. I say that.. I'm pretty sure that's how we got the one we had. I use "google" a lot. Still do.. just hoping NOW the anti-virus will catch anything else that tries to slip past.

Take care.. looking forward to your next post!


Christina said...

I had this happen to me. I had to bring it to the computer store and the guy thankfully fixed it, but like you I lost all my stuff so thank God for backup. It just takes so much work.

Storm chaser, is he nuts? I watched these people on tv once and couldn't believe how excited they got chasing the tornado. Like you food, a good book, inside the house? Makes sense to me.