Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ka-Ching is Catching!

This whole conference deadline business is making me a wreck! I feel like I am in "hurry up and wait mode." Early bird registration ends tomorrow so I am sweating bullets looking for an answer from God. Every little thing makes me think, "is that a yes? or is that a not yet?"

It actually started last night as I was spending some one on One time with God and my journal. I had come to the conclusion that not only do I want to go to the conference, I believed God wanted me there as well. However, it costs a lot of money! So I journaled the following words: "I BELIEVE You can provide & I EXPECT You will provide. Thank you in advance Lord, I promise to glorify You through this experience." Now I am not one to buy into the whole "name it and claim it" thing, but I do know I can go confidently before His throne with confidence to ask, seek and knock. If He supplied the courage and desire, surely He could supply the money. So, I went to bed expecting to wake up and find a check from God under my pillow (well maybe not quite that obvious but close).

About mid-morning I was having a discussion with my husband about our new insurance coverage when he told me we would be saving a substantial amount on our premiums by changing plans. Like enough to cover the cost of the conference within a couple of months. Could that be my check from God?

Unfortunately, not an hour later, a plumber came to inspect a pipe that was leaking in our basement ceiling. OH NO! KA-CHING!$

AHH, then the mail came. C.C. is accepted into the Christian Camp this summer that she was on the waiting list for! YEA!! KA-CHING$

This afternoon was spent at the dentist where Sunshine got a cleaning (and an undisclosed number of cavities) and I expressed my terror of "the chair" with the hygenist. She tried to reassure me but after looking at my gums it appears I may be looking at some kind of "graft" in the near future! Ouch!! KA-CHING$

Tonight we celebrated belated birthdays for 3 of our kids since we have not been able to schedule a time any sooner, due to schedule conflicts. It was great to finally be able to see the grandparents, eat cake and give them their gifts! KA-CHING$

Tomorrow (Friday) we head out of town for the first of three travelling soccer tournaments this spring. Hotel, restaurant food, gas....KA-CHING$

Oh, I could go on like this, as I am sure you could as well. I am still waiting and I still believe God can provide the money I need in a big way. He is, after all, a BIG GOD and He is kinda known for doing big things in the most unexpected of ways (making a shepherd boy a King, coming as a baby in a manger, calling me into ministry.....)! It isn't like we don't have the money and I know we will come up with it if we are sure this is where God is leading, but if suddenly He drops a check under my pillow........Please God, drop a check under my pillow!!!

Thanks for praying this out with me, I owe you all!!! (ya'll for you Southern bloggers out there).


luvmy4sons said...

I don't believe in testing God, but on just such occasions i have asked for a Gideon's fleece. I have done it three times in my Christian walk, but He has always clearly and obviously answered the fleece I laid before him. Just a thought.

Teri said...

I get this. Seriously, I hope you get your check! He IS faithful and my motto has always been "If it is God's will, it is God's bill."

He will make it obvious!

Joyful said...

With you Kelley. I'm overthinking everything....every phone conversation...every song on the radio...every stranger who say's 'hello'...thinking somewhere, sometime...when I least expect it...someone is going to walk up to me and say, "You're going to North Carolina"! (or not...) Realizing today that I have to be happy with whatever answer God brings. I'm going to post about my last two days later today - God IS speaking...but no concrete answer yet.

In much prayer for you.

Linda said...

Bless your heart, I can so relate. You know how I feel about your going. Have a great weekend.

Joyful said...

Yikes Kelley...just read your comment while visiting Melissa's blog. I'm praying for you. Remember, a bend in the road is not the end of the road.
Would love to hear the rest of the God-story on this one!

lori said...

girl you got the prayers....
and I understand...KA competition this weekend...gas, food, hotel....
He does provide....

keep checking that pillow!
peace and blessings!

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Kelley's gonna be my room-mate....Kelley's gonna be my room-mate...


Christina said...

Isn't this the life with 7 kids Ka-ching. I will pray you get your money to go.