Monday, March 24, 2008

AHHH, I have my life back!!

I feel like the past week has been some kind of crazy endurance test with all the kids home on Spring Break, everything that was happening with my Dad and the celebrations of Holy Week. But now the kids are back in school, my Dad is actually getting better daily (which is nothing short of a miracle) and the promise of Spring lies ahead......

There is something to be said for the mundane and ordinary. My kids talk about being bored, well I'll tell ya, I am ready to be bored! I'm not sure I can handle any more excitement. Today I plan to take on the very "boring" tasks of laundry, straightening the house, menu planning, grocery shopping, updating my calendar....... These tasks sound like heaven right now (does that sound insane?).

I have been challenged this year by Proverbs 31:27--"She watches over the affairs of her household." I am afraid that my household has been neglected recently and today I want to do what I can to remedy that. So if you can't find me in the kitchen, I will be in the laundry room or at the supermarket or perhaps out walking the dog...........enjoying the mundane tasks of caring for my household!


Kim said...

What a sweet post Kelley....boy can I relate!!

Our son is back in school too after spring break....our travels were safe, and we are now home...back into a routine. Isn't that nice!!

I'm hoping to HIT my house...really hard tomorrow after work.

Have a BLESSED day sweet friend!!!


luvmy4sons said...

That is what I have been missing for so long now. With all teens in the house and activities to go to and taking on the care of my elderly aunt that takes me out of the house three hours, a day four days a week...I feel as if school is slipping the house is slipping and the days to be at home doing mundane tasks, checking calendars and making grocery lists instead of sporadically stopping when I suddenly realize I have nothing to prepare is INFINITELY better than this hectic schedule I have been at lately!

Yolanda said...

Even though my husband's two children are grown and have their own family now. I loved being a "second-Mom" as much as they would allow me to while they were still in school. Especially providing a meal on the table that they loved! Did this Mom's heart some good. I have no children of my own, but God has been so gracious in placing women in my life, that are so willing to share theirs with me.

And...I look forward to the day, that is coming sooner than later, to do these things inside my home on God's time table that you have mentioned for your day today. Instead of the world's. Dear Hubby every day says he is one day closer to retiring. Yee haw!

Enjoy your outings today....or simply curling up with a cup of hot tea and God's word.


Rhonda said...

My kids don't go to school today. They have 'Easter Monday' off.

My oldest, Sarah, is in college and would have been back to classes, but she has strep throat. So, she is home resting.

I work at the high school that my son attends, so I am off today too.

We have been invited to friends' for supper. So..the fun continues still for us.

Enjoy getting back to routine and catching up!

MrsJoeB said...

I too found spring break to be so so busy. I love being bored...I hate laundry!! My heart goes out to you today. I am glad to hear about your dad's recovery. Enjoy your week!!
In His Graces~Pamela

Christina said...

You sound exactly like me. My kid's have been on Spring Break for a week and are still on for another week. I am so envious when I hear how you will be able to get all the mundane things done without hearing how bored everyone is. I can't wait until next Mondat comes and I can actually clean up without someone making a mess right behind me.

I am happy to hear your dad is doing better, I will keep praying. My mom is doing well and has started her intense treatment. So far she is doing good.

Have a nice mundane day and I will be waiting patiently for next week when I can enjoy my mundane day.

Lelia Chealey said...

Alyssa is in the "nesting" stage of her pregnancy, so my house is getting nice & clean! :)
I've got the spring fever itch, that's for sure!
So glad your Dad is doing better Kelley. Power of prayer. God isn't finished with him, how exciting is that???
Thanks for all of your prayers for my girls & your words of encouragement. I love getting to know you too. By the time we leave for She Speaks, we'll be real close!

Marybeth said...

Hi Kelley-- Wanted you to know that I added you to my blogroll. Now I can keep up with you more regularly!

Tonya said...

I'm right with you, Sister! I love company and "stuff" as much as the next person.. but when it's all said and done... I LOVE to be home with our boys keeping things in ORDER! ;-)

Thanks for updating on your Dad. It's just WONDERFUL to hear that he's doing better.


Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

I was in my jammies till 2pm today. Working hard to get the house back in order, but in my jammies. The only reason I changed was because Ingram peed on me.

It was heavenly. (the jammies part, not the getting-peed-on part.)

Debbie said...

This is my week to have no life! It's Spring break here! At least the 16 yr old went to Florida to visit our oldest daughter! Glad you have your life back!!


Joyful said...

Kelley, this was me on Saturday. I wrote out a list of all that HAD to be completed that I had neglected while both my son and husband were home for "March Break", and worked towards my goal. Doesn't it feel wonderful when you can look back afterwards and see what was accoomplished? Hope you had a sense of God's pleasure as you cared for the needs of family and home.


Ang baylis said...

Being bored like that sounds like fun to me, too! I wish I didn't have to go to work this morning. I hope you got a lot done!
Angie xoxo