Monday, March 31, 2008

Computer Woes Continue.....

Thank you all for your kindness and concern about my sickly computer. Here is the latest
Good News:
It looks like we were able to save all of my pictures and documents onto DVDs. Now all we have to do is wipe it clean and start over. Kind of like a hard drive transplant. HA!
Bad News:
It turns out my computer guy is also a storm chaser (remember the movie Twister?). Of course I live in Kansas and it is Spring so it should come as no surprise that we are experiencing an "active weather day". Yep, my guy Fred has left me and my computer behind as he goes in search of the "perfect storm".

Personally, my idea of storm chasing is to peek out the windows during a severe storm warning. I just can't understand the desire to jump in a truck and drive as close to a funnel cloud as possible. I have seen the Wizard of Oz and I know what can happen. LOL!

To be honest, I love storms too. But only if I can be inside with food, a good book, and in a perfect world, my laptop! Fortunately tomorrow's forecast calls for partial sunshine and mild temperatures. Good news for me, not so good for Fred.......

Meanwhile, my 15 minutes is up, I should get another turn in a couple of hours!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Trojan Horses Have Invaded My Laptop!

I have discovered some very sad news today... My beloved writing partner and friend, my laptop, has come down with a very bad virus. My husband has been operating on it all day and the prognosis is not good! Apparantly 2 Trojan Horses (?? viruses) were released at 5 pm yesterday and it's ability to function has slowly gone south...The poor thing can not even bring up the welcome screen.

This has left me with no choice but to use our family PC. There is usually a long line to get a turn and a lot of commotion in the room where it is located. I think I would compare this to the washer & dryer machines breaking down and having to go to the laundromat. Or the car needing service and having to rely on public transportation. I bet even the laundromat gets computer service.

Anyway, all of this to say that I might not be able to visit or write a post for a day or two. Don't think I have forgotten you. And please don't forget me........

OHHH, we were able to bring my pictures up! I really don't want to lose those. And my CBS info, I hope I can save that. This computer contains more of my life than I thought!

Maybe a day or two off of it would do me good. My family has been calling me "computer geek" and I think they are jealous of my laptop.

Maybe it was them who released the Trojan Horses. In a diabolical plot to get me off the computer and into the kitchen (cooking) and laundry room (cleaning) they attacked my laptop......(remember the lamp in A Christmas Story?????).

Maybe I have lost my mind completely.........OR...

Maybe this is God's way of intervening in my life to say, "I will not let time on the computer become an idol in your life. Get your priorities straight!"

Yeah, I think that is exactly what it is. Sad as I am, I will have to wait in line just like everyone else and log on when it is my turn, set the timer and log out when my time is up. Oh, why did I ever set that silly timer rule? Little did I know it would ever apply to me! LOL!

See ya next time my turn rolls around! Or when my laptop is feeling better!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

That Time of Year!

There are certain rites of Spring that never change. From generation to generation they usher in the new season like clockwork. Spring break vacations, Easter, graduation, bar-b-ques and of course PROM NIGHT!

We haven't actually celebrated a prom night around our house in a few years. Not since 2006 when Jessi was a senior. This year though, we got back into the prom scene with Miss Lilly. Memories came flooding back from proms my older girls went to.......getting the nails done, fixing the hair, self tanner, the all-important dress and remembering the boutineer at the last minute.

Of course I can't help remembering my own prom experiences: (Prom 1983)

I went to my first prom when I was a freshman and my date was a junior (what was my mother thinking?). I got my makeup done at Merle Norman (are those even still around?) and I hated my dinner ( something like creamed lobster pasta at an obscenely expensive restaurant).
The next year I did my own hair and makeup and I disappointed my date terribly in my refusal to "make his night memorable" (if you know what I mean). The dinner was OK and he insisted that we wear "plain clothes" to dinner and then change into our white prom clothes to keep them clean. OK, I have never thought about how odd that was until now!

I went to prom my junior and senior years with the same guy I dated for four years. The meals were good, the dances were boring and the after parties were wild.

The group my daughter went with tonight consists of 26 kids riding in a limo. Her date is a boy from our church who also happens to attend her high school. He is a very nice kid who works at the local Christian bookstore. I am quite certain he won't be asking her to "make his night memorable". I think she did that by accepting his invitation to go to the dance.

Oh, and in case you are wondering, I am not bothered at all that I am sitting home on a Saturday night in my PJs watching the "Kids Choice Awards" on Nickelodeon........Yeah, I'm definitely old!

Dad and big brother are her true Prince Charmings!

PROM 2008

Salt and Light!

I can't think of a better way to start the weekend........A great song, beautiful pictures and some scripture too!

As a daughter of Christ my great desire is to be salt and light to a dark and decaying world.

Salt not only preserves and flavors whatever it touches, it also causes thirst. I want to live in a way that makes others thirst for the Living Water of Jesus Himself!

Light helps to see clearly, is a beacon, causes growth, gives warmth, illiminates darkness...I also want to live in a way that points others to the path of God's grace and mercy. Helping them to grow in Christ by being bright and warm!

"Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path." Psalm 119:105

Make me salt, make me light.....I cannot make myself these things but nothing is impossible with God!


Be sure to visit Signs, Miracles and Wonders for more Saturday blessings....

Friday, March 28, 2008

Favorite Foto Friday....

---The Eyes Have It!----

These are the eyes of my gorgeous first born girl! All of the rest of the kids have big brown eyes but Lauren got beautiful blue ones! The doctors warned me that they might change but they are as blue now, 21 years later, as they were then. I have always LOVED her eyes!
To see more Favorite Foto Fridays go to Kiss the Frog For Me!

See Lauren, I do post about you!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Coincidence or another God Stop moment?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Guess What? I have won two books in the short time I have lived in blogland! During the Ultimate Blog Party I won a book from Linda at 2nd Cup of Coffee and today I am the winner of Lelia's give away at Write From the Heart.

The first book was entitled "Miracle in Easterville" by Melody Carlson and I read it to the kids as they colored eggs with their dad. It was a great way to remember the true meaning of Easter and I hope it can become a tradition to read the book together every Easter!

The second book is "What Happens When Women Say Yes To God?" by Lysa Terkeurst. Lelia is doing an online study of the book. A chapter a week for 9 weeks. Originally I didn't plan to do the study because I am so overwhelmed in CBS. But lots of my blog friends are participating and I have heard great reviews on the book so I thought, "if I happen to find the book on sale I will do it." Sure enough I found the book on sale at the Christian bookstore for half off ($4.99)last week. I bought it and after reading the first chapter I thought, "I wish I had another copy to loan to a friend." Isn't it fun how God provides and blesses? I LOVE that about God!

So as I went to CBS (Community Bible Study) on Tuesday morning this week, guess what sign was up in the lobby of the church. I don't think you would believe me if I told you, so good thing I had my camera...........

Is it a coincidence that Tuesday was the first day of Lelia's "Say Yes to God" study?

Sorry, I know it is only Thursday but I just had to post early! Check out the Girlfriends in God site for more GodStop Friday posts (but you might want to wait until Friday) :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Word Filled Wednesday! & Wordless Wednesday!

This is one of the slides I used in the power point for my lecture today on Romans 13. The larger text was already there but I added the bible verse. I think it goes together nicely! Word filled Wednesday is so much fun because it allows me to explore my "creative side"! Thank you Amydeanne for hosting this each week!!! Please visit 160 Acre Wood to see some more creativity on display!!

Alright this is funny, I thought I was signing another Mr. Linky for Wordfilled Wednesday but it turns out I was signing up for Wordless Wednesday. So I had to come up with something quickly. This picture is one I just happened to find on my camera one day. It is one of my daughter's friends inside our dog kennel. Very normal stuff around here! No words needed....Visit Jenileigh for more fun on Wordless Wed.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

This made me laugh...

I am giving a lecture on Romans 13 at CBS tomorrow so I am buried deep in notes and commentary. I should come back up for air tomorrow afternoon......Until then I wanted to share a video clip, sent by my daughter who is supposed to be working! I thought it was funny, even if it is an add for cigars..... Thanks LJ!

Monday, March 24, 2008

AHHH, I have my life back!!

I feel like the past week has been some kind of crazy endurance test with all the kids home on Spring Break, everything that was happening with my Dad and the celebrations of Holy Week. But now the kids are back in school, my Dad is actually getting better daily (which is nothing short of a miracle) and the promise of Spring lies ahead......

There is something to be said for the mundane and ordinary. My kids talk about being bored, well I'll tell ya, I am ready to be bored! I'm not sure I can handle any more excitement. Today I plan to take on the very "boring" tasks of laundry, straightening the house, menu planning, grocery shopping, updating my calendar....... These tasks sound like heaven right now (does that sound insane?).

I have been challenged this year by Proverbs 31:27--"She watches over the affairs of her household." I am afraid that my household has been neglected recently and today I want to do what I can to remedy that. So if you can't find me in the kitchen, I will be in the laundry room or at the supermarket or perhaps out walking the dog...........enjoying the mundane tasks of caring for my household!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

An Easter Filled With Blessings......

Creating a masterpiece....

New Friends to love....

The whole family together.....
(that is NOT the shirt my son wore to church!)

Spending time with my husband's parents.....

They clean up nicely......

Me and My big girls....

A hug from Daddy.....

What more could I possibly ask for? God is so good and it struck me today how little I have to offer back to Him, yet He just continues to pour out blessings into my life. I am so humbled by the love of God and the incredible gift He gave in the death and resurrection of His Son!

Resurrection Sunday!

Wishing you and yours a very Happy Easter Sunday!

Be blessed and enjoy the presence of the Lord today.
Take time to give Him the praise and honor due His name!

Jesus Christ,
Redeemer and Friend,
King of Kings,
Lord of Lords,
Prince of Peace,
Lamb of God,
Lion of Judah
The Great I Am....

"And we have seen and testify that the Father has sent his Son to be the
Savior of the world." 1 John 4:14

Today I am praising God as Jehova Rapha, Mighty Healer! The most recent update on my Dad's condition is such good news: This afternoon he was awake, off the ventilator and talking. His lungs and heart have suffered a lot of damage but the doctors are much more optimistic that he will recover and be able to go home. In the past week I have seen and felt the Love of Christ like never before! Thank you for every prayer and kind word. I will remember this Easter forever!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

In The Shadow of Your Cross...


Help me to never leave the Shadow of Your Cross....

Please visit Amy at Signs, Miracles and Wonders to see more beautiful songs on this Easter weekend!

Friday, March 21, 2008

God Stop Friday!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket I have been blown away by "God Stop" moments this week so I thought I would share a couple of them.

First of all, I have felt Jesus surround me this week in my time of need. I wrote a post and sent a couple of emails to friends because I was desperate and didn't know what to do. In return I was showered with more love and prayers than I could have ever imagined. I don't even know how to say thank you....

Then, when I prayed for peace about my Dad's salvation God led me to answers that supplied it. I wrote about that in my last post.

Finally, I want to tell you what happened to me on Tuesday evening. My husband and I took the kids to the gym so they could swim in the indoor pool and I could do a step areobics class. It turns out the instructor that night was quite evil. I have been in some pretty intense classes and never left one early. However after 30 minutes of torture I decided I had suffered enough and put my step away.

I was about to go to the pool but decided to hit the sauna first and maybe "sweat off" a little fat. I was in the sauna alone and saying some prayers when a woman walked in. Here is how our conversation went......

Her: "It isn't too hot in here tonight. The other day it was like this so I was
able to have a long conversation with someone about the Lord and I was
really encouraged by it. I love when God works that way!"

Me: "That's funny cuz I was just sitting here praying."

Her: "I was coming in to read my bible!" and she held up her compact bible.

Needless to say, at that point I was listening closely. How often do you run into a woman in the sauna reading her bible?

As we spoke she talked about needing to forgive someone and how hard that is. I told her we were studying Agape love at CBS and that only through God could we love and forgive as we are supposed to.

She asked if I had ever fasted. Would you believe that is the topic of discussion in my lifegroup right now. She told me all kinds of blessings and miracles she had received through fasting.

We ended up talking for 30 minutes and found we have a lot in common! We exchanged phone numbers and email addresses. I don't know if we will run into each other again or not but for some reason God had me stop my step class and step into the sauna last Tuesday night and used the lower temperatures to allow a conversation that encouraged two of His children in amazing, yet different ways! How cool is that?

Praise be to God!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Update on My Dad......

This is how I always think of my Dad. These pictures were taken in the mid 1980s.

Oh my goodness, I am so overwhelmed by all of your responses to my prayer request! I want you all to know how much it means to me that my family is being lifted up in this way! I have seen God work in some mighty things over the last few days and I am trying to process it all. What I know for sure is that God is near me and He is working in my life!

First let me tell you a little something about my Dad. His mother died when he was 12. A year later his older bother was placed in a State Mental Hospital due to epileptic seisures and a behavior disorder. His father was cold and distant. Through all of this my Dad had a great sense of humor. He loved to tease people and play practical jokes. Some of his jokes were over the top and some people would call them irresponsible. But that is my Dad.

We were only a family for a short time. I only remember bits and pieces. I remember he would tell me if I wished really hard, the magic fairy would leave chocolate milk and donuts on the front porch. This happened several times and I loved it. Till the time he told me to go look for them and they weren't there (he had hidden them on the balcony). That is his sense of humor.

He was a policeman when I was young. I remember at lunch one day a helicopter circled our house and through a megaphone we heard: "come out with your hands up!" That was Dad. He got in trouble with the police dept. for that one. Another time he wore his gas mask home to scare my little sister, he got in trouble with my mom for that one.

Anyway, when I was 7 my Dad found a job in sales. He met a woman at work and left us behind. They moved to California and we rarely saw him or heard from him. I did live with him and his girlfriend when I was in 8th grade. He owned a sailboat and we would spend weekends sailing on the ocean together. His girlfriend hated the water so it was just the two of us. And lots of beer. At that time he was already drinking heavily and was very moody. I moved home to Kansas.

He married and divorced 3 more times after that. I didn't see him much. Sometimes I got a very late birthday card but not often. I vascilated between anger, sadness and bitterness. He was going on cruises and vacations and didn't ever seem to think about his children. I feel like I have spent a lifetime crying for him. I wanted his attention and approval so badly. I finally realized that he has given me all he knows how to give.

My dad used to be very vain. He would primp for an hour before leaving the house. He took a lot of pride in how he looked and I always thought he was so very handsome. He reminded me of Ted Danson on cheers.

Unfortunately, you can't live the lifesyle he has lived and not pay a heavy price. I have watched him go in and out of rehab for several years. He now struggles to get by, both physically and financially. His body is old and weak. I have prayed and prayed that God would work a miracle and free him from the addictions that tormented him. Alcohol, cigarettes and eventually gambling. Satan has had a field day with my Dad.

I know that when he was in California he had a boss that took him to church. There my Dad said he accepted Christ and was baptised. A couple of years ago I talked with him and he assured me he knows the Lord. But his life wasn't showing it. How could I be sure?
A little over a month ago my Dad entered rehab again. He defeated his addictions and has been free from alcohol and cigarettes for 6 weeks now. I spoke with him while he was there. I told him I love him and how proud I am of him.

Tuesday morning he couldn't breathe and had tightness in his chest. An ambulance took him to the hospital. He had suffered a mild heart attack and was placed on oxygen to help him breathe. Wednesday afternoon he suffered another heart attack and was placed on a ventilator. The doctors have said it doesn't look good. My sister has gone to see him and I am waiting to hear what happens next.

Last night I prayed that somehow I could know where he is at with God. Will he go to heaven? Does he believe? I was led to an email that he had sent me last year. A friend of mine had just passed away and this is what my Dad's email said.............

My darling daughter Kelley,
I was so sad to read your latest email about your friend, Mary.
In all of the turmoil that life on earth presents, it is sometimes easy to question God's plan for life. I am convinced there is a reason to every end of life on earth if only to imagine a life after, filled with joy and happiness. That is the answer to our prayers. Hard to understand sometimes.

Love you,

Do you think that was my answer from God? I found another email I had kept that said in part.....

I can't sleep at night. Was up at 4am today. Worrying about my finances and my loss of esteem with family. It goes right along with my problems with alcohol. I tuned in to a religious music station on the radio and I began to sob and sing to the words of the songs that I knew.

My heart has felt a little more at ease after re-reading these emails. What a treasure they turned out to be. I am also grateful that whatever the outcome he beat the addiction to alcohol, cigarettes and gambling. Satan, you are a defeated foe and you could not win this one! Praise the Lord and give Him the glory! My Dad will be healed and whole, one way or another!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Prayer Request...

My Dad, Tom, suffered an apparant heart attack yesterday morning and the doctors don't think he is going to make it. He lives in Maine, a long way from Kansas so I feel quite helpless right now...........Will you please pray with me?

Word Filled Wednesday!

I love how eggs represent New Life! It is truly amazing when you think about it!! And what could be more amazingly beautiful than the New Life we have in Christ?

Have a Happy Word-Filled Wednesday and be sure to visit 160Acre Wood for more beautiful scripture art!