Saturday, March 29, 2008

That Time of Year!

There are certain rites of Spring that never change. From generation to generation they usher in the new season like clockwork. Spring break vacations, Easter, graduation, bar-b-ques and of course PROM NIGHT!

We haven't actually celebrated a prom night around our house in a few years. Not since 2006 when Jessi was a senior. This year though, we got back into the prom scene with Miss Lilly. Memories came flooding back from proms my older girls went to.......getting the nails done, fixing the hair, self tanner, the all-important dress and remembering the boutineer at the last minute.

Of course I can't help remembering my own prom experiences: (Prom 1983)

I went to my first prom when I was a freshman and my date was a junior (what was my mother thinking?). I got my makeup done at Merle Norman (are those even still around?) and I hated my dinner ( something like creamed lobster pasta at an obscenely expensive restaurant).
The next year I did my own hair and makeup and I disappointed my date terribly in my refusal to "make his night memorable" (if you know what I mean). The dinner was OK and he insisted that we wear "plain clothes" to dinner and then change into our white prom clothes to keep them clean. OK, I have never thought about how odd that was until now!

I went to prom my junior and senior years with the same guy I dated for four years. The meals were good, the dances were boring and the after parties were wild.

The group my daughter went with tonight consists of 26 kids riding in a limo. Her date is a boy from our church who also happens to attend her high school. He is a very nice kid who works at the local Christian bookstore. I am quite certain he won't be asking her to "make his night memorable". I think she did that by accepting his invitation to go to the dance.

Oh, and in case you are wondering, I am not bothered at all that I am sitting home on a Saturday night in my PJs watching the "Kids Choice Awards" on Nickelodeon........Yeah, I'm definitely old!

Dad and big brother are her true Prince Charmings!

PROM 2008


Debbie said...

What beautiful young ladies and handsome younge men!!! I love her dress!!!

I didn't do much tonight either, went to our local Jr college to see a musical production!! Anne of Green Gables!!


Christina said...

She is so beautiful and the colors of their dresses are so pretty and so vivid. Those girls are really going to be turning some heads tonight.

I remember my prom being much like yours, cruddy meal at an overly priced restaurant.

Hope the girls have a nice time and it sounds like prom in this day and age is much better than what we had.

PS I too am watching the Nickelodeon Kid's choice awards.

Lelia Chealey said...

She looks so pretty!!!! You look good too in your pic, but not sure I want to fly to She Speaks w/ you if you're still looking that way! :) lol...loved what you wrote about her date too. My hope is some mom can write with assurance of character about my son too when this time comes for him.
Don't stay up too late waiting for her! ;)
Loved what you said on my blog about your mom laughing when you told her that you were in labor. Too funny. My Mom & Aunt always lose it at funerals. I was horrified the 1st funeral I ever attended of my great aunt. She was such a troublemaker & when the preacher lady who never had met her called the "glue of our family" they lost it. The other time was at a graveside service for my great uncle. My aunt wore high heels & they sunk all the way down in the grass. My cousins thought they were crying & were so touched. Sickness runs in my family. :)
Love you girl,

luvmy4sons said...

Beautiful girls! They grow up so fast!

Cheri said...

Your daughter is beautiful.

AAHHH! The memories do come flooding back. Only a few short years till my girl is there...I better start praying now!!

Joyful said...

Kelley, your daughter is beautiful. I loved reading of your prom experiences. I've never been to a prom - missed out on the whole "prom" excitement of make-up, hair, dresses, giggling, laugher, fun. My parents were older when I was born, and they had high standards and restrictions. "Prom" was something I wasn't allowed to do. I know they had their reasons and set these guidelines out of love, but sometimes I feel like I missed a lot of "normal" activities due to their rules...although...maybe they saved me from a lot of heartache too. I loved what you wrote in your post when you said, "I am quite certain he won't be asking her to 'make his night memorable'. I think she did that by accepting his invitation to go to the dance." May your daughter understand the depth and truth of that statement. She is valued on the basis of who she is ...and the fact that she is the Kings daughter.
Trust you're having a great day.
Love & prayers,

Shari said...

They look so grown up. I wish our dresses looked like that 20 years ago. Your daughter is beautiful.

PJ said...

She's beautiful, and the dress is lovely!

(I just surfed over here from 2nd cup of Coffee!!)

Kim said...

She is SO beautiful!!!!

I'm honestly THANKFUL that those days are over for us...and we only had to deal with ONE girl!!!

I hope you enjoyed your night in your pj's???? It sounds fun to me.

Stephanie said...

What beautiful young ladies and I LOVE that blue dress. Very stunning! I didn't know you could pack 26 kids into a limo. That must have been fun!

Oh, if it makes you feel any better...I kept having to RUN from my date at the prom. We had veal for dinner and it made me very sick. Definitely a memorable prom!

Tonya said...

OH... those memories! LOVE the pic of you, and of course those of your daughter. (She's GORGEOUS! She looks like you, doesn't she?)

Don't you LOVE those group outings??

(BTW.. I almost ALWAYS watch the kiddie shows myself. I don't think I'll ever grow up.) Heehee...

Hope you've had a GREAT weekend!

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Linda said...

Oh how sweet! I love looking at prom pics. And you were so cute, too! But I would have guessed you to have been a blonde. Tell your girl she is beautiful in a beautiful dress!