Tuesday, February 19, 2008

You are my Sunshine!

Happy 17th birthday Sunshine!! I love you!


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Teri said...

Hi Kelley!
As you can see, I haven't been the best at keeping the blog the absolute safest...but here is what I cleaned up.

1. Took out all reference to my kids schools.
2. Changes my kids names to fake ones.
3. Took out all references to the place I work.
4. Removed any reference of our last name.
5. Took off the pictures of my kids on the side of my blog...I will probably put some back, but I will wait a while.
6. Made sure the pictures I posted didn't give away too much information.

Honestly, I don't think having international visitors would concern me as much as one in your own backyard. I don't know. The SiteMeter on my site shows me how people find my site. It just alarmed me when it seemed as if the same person was on there a few times using my place of business as their google search words. I live in a pretty small town...it just gave me the willies. It is probably harmless, but when my mind actually went there, I realized I needed to protect my kids. So like I said, I hope it is just harmless.

(You might want to take the picture of your new Bible off...if you click on the picture it will enlarge and you can read your last name.) Those are the things I am going to be more careful about.

Take care girl!