Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Big Cut

Hair struggles are nothing new in my house but today we actually did something about it. No more tears around here, we cut off 10" of daily "hair battle" and put it in a baggie bound for Locks of Love! Of course it looks so pretty in that baggie, and it is such part of her that I hope I can bring myself to mail it off. Oh dear, I am really a sap!!


Alana said...

Thanks for your comment about my little boy. I love that video. It cracks me up!

The cut looks really cute! And what a great cause.

I also saw your new Bible. Cute. I have a red one that is purse sized that I LOVE!

Kristen said...

Cute cut! And for such a wonderful cause! We have 2 little kids at our church battling serious illness. One has leukemia and the other brain cancer - so the gift your daughter is giving means so much! It will bless a child somewhere in this big world! Who would have thought something as simple as a haircut could be a blessing to another! Please thank her for me!
God Bless!

Susan said...

Oh Kelly...

Will you give your daughter a great big hug from me? I'm so proud of her, and you too!

OK, I take this really personal. With my son having brain cancer, (in remission now, PTL!), and being friends with so many cancer patients, (my son goes to St. Jude), well, I'm just so GRATEFUL!!

Blessings to you.


marina said...

I always see you post on linda's blog so I thought I would come on by , You are so bless to have 7 children I wonder what it must be like at your house and you look so thin and pretty How do you do it??
I have a 25 year old and a 6 year old and I am tried all the time.marina

Faith Hope Love Mama said...

Wow! Seven kids-I always have wanted more but my body won't do anymore. You are blessed! I read a few posts of yours and I am thankful with you about your dad. I have an alcoholic father that has struggled my entire life with this addiction. He has been in treatment several times and recently things have been bad again. It's a huge struggle for me as a Christian to have a Christ like attitude towards him and not life I really feel at the moment.
I'm glad you posted. I'll keep in touch with your blog.
Love the haircut!! My sister has donated twice-12 and 24 inches. It's definately worth it. My aunt benefited from a wig when she had cervical cancer. She passed away and we donated her wigs for someone else. Thanks for doing that.

Joyful said...

Hi Kelley,

So wonderful to hear from you again. Thanks for dropping by and posting another comment.

Thanks also for your prayers. No, I haven't made any definite decision to attend the conference yet. I'm really praying that the Lord will direct by Friday as I know that's when the early registration discount expires. I just want to be a good steward, and would like to take advantage of that saving if at all possible. I think if I really knew God calling me to go, then I could have courage to face all that lies ahead, but I MUST know He wants me to attend and it's not just my own longings.

I think I would take the 'writing' track. Did you know that I was there in 2005? (You could read a little taste of that experience on my blog - Thurs. Jan 31 - titled, "She Speaks - Priceless") I took the 'speaking' track at that time. Going that year was such a God-story. Knowing how God led me 3 years ago, (providing finances and the opportunity to have someone DRIVE me down), I am so certain that if He wants me to attend again He will make a way. I would love to share with you that whole story, but it would make this comment far too long (I fear it's already going to be too long..sorry..)

I'm so grateful to have met you in bloggy world. I will pray for you as well. May the Lord lead you very specifically and may you know without a doubt what His desire for you is in regards to attending this conference.

Hope you've had a great day!

Becky @ Boys Rule My Life said...

I have been thinking about growing my hair for Locks of Love and haven't taken a minute yet to find out the requirements. Thanks for the link... I'm heading there now.

Oh, I love short little hair cuts like that on girls! Adorable!