Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Wii and a New TV.

The past 3 years our family has chosen to go on a summer vacation in lieu of presents at Christmas. As you can imagine, airfare for 9 plus accomodations wipe out the Christmas budget! The kids still get gifts from grandparents and exchange names with one another but they don't get much from Mom and Dad. Although we have tried to incorporate some traditions and fun activities into the holiday season we live in an area where most kids are getting new cars, Ipods, Uggs, Cell Phones, game get the idea!

Anyway, about a week before Christmas my husband decided he wanted to get a Wii for the family. We had played the game with friends and it seemed like it would provide a lot of family-bonding fun! Unfortunately these game systems are pretty hard to find. In fact, the week before Christmas they are impossible to find. Poor Dad was really bummed. I told him I would much rather give the kids a big gift like that on a random day in February than say, "because Jesus was born, you get a Wii." That is not what I want Christmas to be about for them.

Fast forward to Valentine's Day....Last week my College daughter, who works at an Electronics Store, called to say they had gotten in a shipment of the still impossible to find Wiis. My husband turned into a human jumping bean, I'm telling you he could barely contain himself! We decided to give it to the kids as a Valentine's gift. They opened it this evening and the squeals and screams were deafening (I think my husband was squealing too, LOL). And that's not all, last weekend the TV he has been wanting went on sale, so of course he brought it home too.
Christmas may be but a memory but on this Valentines Day, it is almost as much fun to watch the man I love with his new toy as it is to watch the kids with theirs! As for me, it is the beach in July! Reservations are already made!!!
Happy Valentine's Day~~~Kelley


Julie said...

Hi there, Kelly,
Thanks so much for visiting my blog and helping me decide about my new glasses.

I am the ORIGINAL mean mom, as we've NEVER owned ANY game system (we do have computer games, however). That all changed this past Christmas when we bought our kids a Wii. They're just so much fun and I love that they actually get exercise.

Our 18-year old son was Wii-boxing with his friend and worked up quite the sweat!


Anonymous said...

okay, I could have written this! Too funny! this sounds just like my hubby! He was so excited when we got ours... (end of january)