Friday, February 8, 2008

Daddy Daughter Dance #2

Well this is the night all my girls live for, the Daddy Daughter dance at church. It doesn't matter that the average age of girls attending is 10, even my big girls get up for this night. Jessi came home from college and Lauren rearranged her busy 21 year-old schedule to spend the evening with Dad. And don't think he doesn't love every minute of it, especially all of the dancing! He is one lucky man!!
As for me, I got to go on a date of my own. Little man Q is at a sleepover with a friend so Big Brother and I went to dinner together. Here is how that went: he let me choose the restaurant, he turned on my favorite radio station in the car, listened to me ramble on about Joseph, Moses and the Israelites (and acted interested in what I was saying) and finally, he waited patiently while I went into a craft store. Hello, is that the making of a good man or what!! It's hard to believe that just yesterday his science teacher was ready to kick him out of class for pretending his sodium chloride was Dippin-Dots. I guess he does have a little maturing to do but any 16 (nearly 17) year-old guy who spends his Friday night going out with his mom can't be all bad :)
I must say, this was a nice start to the weekend. Over the next two days we have 6 ball games, a baseball practice, a birthday party, a Star of the Week poster to complete, lifegroup at our house and youthgroup at church. You know your life is nuts when you start looking forward to Mondays!! Oh well, I guess all of this activity keeps me out of trouble, besides what else would I do with myself?


Darlene said...

I'm coming through to add you to the CWO blogroll.

The Preacher's Wife said...

I'm still stuck at the part where your boy let you talk about Joseph and Moses - two of my personal favorites - and act

Love it!

Thanks for your visit to my blog the other day.:)


tasha said...

I loved this story -- you have such a sweet family; it's an inpiration to me.