Friday, February 22, 2008

Frivilous Friday....

I really want to write something deep and meaningful today. I have been reading so many great stories and inspirational thoughts from other blogs that I am feeling more than a little shallow. However, with Cartoon Network blaring in the other room and the kids needing my attention every 2 minutes, I am not in a position to be too introspective right now. So if you are seeking spiritual nourishment you might want to bail now, but if shallow drivel is what you desire then by all means, read on.....

Today was the Nanny's last day. No not MY nanny but the nanny that the neighbors so generously share every Friday. It seems their son loves to play with mine and so their nanny comes to get Q-man every Friday morning. She has blessed me in a lot of ways; giving me extra time to myself, taking Q places he might not otherwise get to go, the discussions we have had about our faith and love for the Lord....I really feel like God gave us a treasure last summer when He led her into our lives (at Q's birthday party in the middle of Chuck E Cheese's-HA!). There will be a new nanny now, but it won't be Beta. I am so sad!

I got invited to coffee today! That feels like such a grown-up thing to do, meet a friend for coffee. I love those coffee places! It's where all the "important" people hang out on their lap-tops and cell phones while "grown-up" girlfriends meet for a cup of Southern Pecan coffee. I even got a free coffee with the purchase of a cookie! I thought about having a muffin but after reading Lysa Terkeurst's post on being a "muffin-top" I thought better of it. I wouldn't mind being an oatmeal/raisin cookie. They are sweet, relatively flat and full of fruit & fiber.

OK, well that is all of the shallow thinking I have for now but please come back, I am sure I will think of more soon! Actually I am going to try really hard to think in the deep end soon.... Meanwhile, I am so grateful for the encouraging thoughts and words I have read elsewhere!


Kristen said...

I came across your blog via Angie's... By Faith... Angie. I think it's incredible how Christian women all over the country are connecting via blogland. I also love that you had a post that as you put it was "shallow" just know - it didn't find it shallow at all. I got to know a bit about you and your day! I always think I need to post some inspirational message - and since I am sometimes not in the position to sit to write something deep (time constraints) I end up not posting on my blog. Well today - was frivilous Friday for me too!
God Bless You!

Tonya said...

Kelley, it's SO NICE to meet you!!! Now, seriously... you talked about eating muffins and cookies and drinking coffee... what are you REALLY eating to stay so young and beautiful? And HOW MANY CHILDREN did you say you have? All the way up to age 21?? WOW! You SERIOUSLY look SO YOUNG!! =-)

Okay, on another note.. I can identify with having so much going on in the next room that it's hard to concentrate. I can also identify with the WONDERFUL feeling of having just a little time alone. (Although I TRULY CHERISH EVERY moment with my hubby & our boys) =-)

I LOVE your "spirit" and can't wait to check back with you. It's always SO EXCITING to meet my sisters in CHRIST.

HAVE A GREAT weekend!

myra said...

Have a great weekend!

Kim said...

I truly LOVE your sense of humor. You honestly CRACK me up. Muffin top...ya...let's NOT go there.

I'm really enjoying your have such a sweet, pure, gentle spirit....and I truly count it a have found you.

Have a BLESSED weekend. :-)

Faithful Froggers said...

Kelley - I just found your blog from Susan and Tonya! How blessed you are with 7 beautiful children. And I thoroughly enjoyed your post today . . . not shallow at all. I could relate to every word! :) Thanks for sharing!

Have a blessed weekend!
Love & FROG,

luvmy4sons said...

I gave you an award at my blog...Blogging with a purpose! So there..not shallow at all!

Ang baylis said...

Hi Kelly!
I can't tell you how happy I am for you finding me and leaving such sweet comments. I love your blog! I love the name of it and after reading just a few of your posts I know you are one of my favorites! You have 7 children and they are beautiful! I am the 6th child out of 7. You look so young and beautiful I might add!

The one thing I really needed this morning was the song by Selah that I heard right away. It was no accident that it was playing. God needed me to hear it today. Thank you so so much!

I'll be back... and I have a muffin top and would rather be an oatmeal cookie.
Angie xoxo

Joyful said...

Kelly, I think it is so amazing that you visited my blog. I visited your blog yesterday, but didn't post a comment. I was drawn to your blog because of a comment you posted on Lysa's re: "She Speaks". I saw myself in your comment. My husband and friends are encouraging me to attend the conference as well, but I'm so afraid to go on my own. When I read that you were nervous too, I wanted to see where you were from just in case we could have travelled together. Guessing my flight from Canada doesn't stop in Kansas!

Anyway, great to meet you through your blog. Thanks for the encouraging words you wrote to me. Have enjoyed all I've read of your posts so far. I'll be back.

PS. Love the name of your blog - "Aroma of Joy" - I've got to love that!!!

Joyful said...

Ooops...a thousand apologies. I just noticed I forgot the 'e' in your name. I'm so sorry.
It is lovely to meet you KELLEY!!!