Monday, February 4, 2008

Good News/Bad News

Well, the bad news is I didn't win the scholarship to the She Speaks conference (not that I thought I would) but the good news is I have been talking about it and praying with friends and family as to whether or not I should go. It's funny because it took me a long time to even admit I want to be there (that lack of confidence thing) so at least I have cleared the first hurdle. I am anxious to see how God will lead and provide! Congratulations to Karla from Looking Towards Heaven for winning the scholarship!

It has also been fun to explore so many of the blogs out there and it appears that there were a few women who stopped by mine as well (thanks for the encouraging comments). I am such a social bug and LOVE meeting new friends, especially sisters who share a passion for the LORD! That can be difficult to find in this "worldly world"! That is another reason I want to go to the She Speaks conference (there, I said it again), so I can come away with new friends from all over the country! You know that is probably why I have so many children, it increases my social network tremendously! LOL

Anyway, today I am reminding myself that God wants to use me right now, right where I am! As a wife and mom, as a daughter, as a friend, as a shepherd, as a prayer warrior, and this week as a speaker at bible study (I am delivering a lecture on Romans 10 this Wednesday). Looking too far ahead is as much of a distraction as looking back when it comes to serving the Lord. As I said before, I want to concentrate on what He wants me to do today and wait expectantly for what He has in mind for the future!

In the Moment~~~Kelley

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Linda said...

Thank you for stopping by 2nd cup and leaving a comment about my "Old Happens" post! I'm enjoying visiting you here. You have a lovely family. I know what you mean about appreciating your children's daddy. I feel the same about my husband. I also really appreciate your comments about the scholarship. I've been processing the whole thing, too, and it helps to read others' faith-filled coments.