Monday, February 18, 2008

In Search of a Bargain!

There is no excuse better than a holiday to go shopping, except of course for a really good sale, and Presidents Day is no exception. So I decided to celebrate today at the mall....

I had heard one of the department stores was having a great sale on boots (yeah right, if you are a 6.5, all the size 9's were long gone!) I did see some cute tops that were affordable (only because they were 75% off) so I went in search of a fitting room. I have never seen such a big fitting room, it had to be the size of one of my guest bedrooms! It was a good thing because I nearly got stuck in one of the tops I tried on. I am thinking my arms are far too muscular because it couldn't be that they are too FAT. Anyway, it is no wonder they were 75% off, they must have been mis-sized!

After the depressing disaster in the fitting rooms I decided to check the jewelry Dept. After all, jewelry is a one-size fits all accessory! It was there I hit the jackpot. Not only did I find some great bargains, I ran into a friend from my CBS bible study. I grabbed up a couple of necklaces and matching earrings and I even found a silver bracelet that would be perfect to give as a graduation gift, I am sure I will know lots of kids who are graduating this year! I got a great deal on all of the jewelry but I was most excited about the sterling silver bracelet that was marked down from $40.00 to $5.00! As I walked the mall I thought, "I am so thrifty!" That was when I realized the bracelet said "Class Of 2007!" HELLO, that would be LAST YEAR'S class...duh!
It is thinking like this that makes me think I shouldn't leave the house! LOL.

So my next dilemma came at the Christian bookstore. I really don't need anything from there but I had a coupon that expires today and that is one of my favorite places to look around! Well, it didn't take long before I found a beautiful, brown faux-leather, Giant print bible! Oh, I wanted that bible. The size was perfect (unlike the tops) and I wouldn't even need my reading glasses to read it. The problem is, I have 16+ bibles already and that doesn't even count my husband & children's bibles! I have nearly every translation available plus I am a frequent visitor to the bible online at Biblegateway. Still, I reasoned with myself that God would want me to have this bible! That is when reason hit me: "God wants you to go home to read & study the bibles you already have!" Well, I know conviction when it hits me so I left the Christian bookstore empty handed but my heart and my pocket book were full!

Happy Presidents Day~~Kelley

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Teri said...

I have been staying away from the stores! It is just better that way! I do get excited from a good deal...but as my husband says "There will ALWAYS be a deal!" (He is an accountant with a minimalist mindset, oh yes, it is SO fun!)