Thursday, February 7, 2008

Can't do a Tatoo!

If you are visiting and notice that I have completely revamped the look of this blog, let me just say this is exactly why I can never get a tatoo; I wouldn't be able to decide on one certain design and stick with it. Before I know it I would end up with tatoos all over my body and when I am old, the workers at the nursing home would have all kinds of fun stretching out my wrinkled skin trying to tell what each one was. Yikes, that is not a pretty thought. I had better just stick with my blog design (plus, it is a lot less painful!).

Actually, I tend to have trouble making up my mind in most things I do. When I go to dinner it is helpful to get a copy of the menu a couple of hours ahead of time so I can be ready to order with everyone else. My house also shows my fickle side, I like traditional, but primitive antique is oh so inviting. Contemporary is fun and funky but shabby chic is quite lovely. The worst part is, I loved the "lived in" look but I hate clutter and mess (how do you reconcile that dilemma?). Needless to say my home is never quite there......

I envy people who can rattle off a list of their favorites; music, food, movies, color, vacation spot. I just can't think of a favorite, I like it all! Don't get me wrong I do have dislikes, I just don't have favorites. Now my kids will tell you I play favorites with them (isn't that always the way?). As far as that goes, I heard someone say once, "my favorite child is the one who needs me the most at the time. The one who is sick, hurt or scared." I love that!

I guess it all comes down to the fact that God gave me so many things to enjoy and I don't have to pick just one of any of them. I can love the whole rainbow if I want to (I don't have to pick just one color) and I can love all food (which I do) and I can listen to everything from Praise & Worship to Classic Rock! In fact, if I picked just one, that might insult God and I wouldn't want to do that....instead of thinking of myself as indecisive, I'll just say I'm eclectic!


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mom huebert said...

You sound like me! I'm so relieved to know that you also have trouble picking favorites. Now I'm not the weird one-- I belong to a group (of at least two)!