Saturday, February 2, 2008

Daddy/Daughter Dance #1

What girl doesn't love going to a dance? Last night was the Father/Daughter dance at my girls' elementary school. As I watched my two little ladies get all "fancy" for their Daddy, I thought of how grateful I am for the Daddy they have!

When I was their age my Dad moved to California with the "hot girl" at the office. When you are a kid you have no idea how that is affecting and shaping everything in your future. Working through insecurity and fear of abandonment has been a part of my life ever since. And probably one of the major reasons behind time spent in "construction sites" (see my previous post).

I don't want to sound like I am placing blame, on the contrary, I am just that much more aware of what a gift my babies have: a Dad who loves them and would do anything for them. This isn't something they even think about, it's just the way it is (and the way it should be!)...........A mom to fix their hair and a Dad to dance with, can life get any better?



Janna said...

Sounds like you've got a great hubby and the kids have a great dad.

And life did just get a little better today. Our MU Tigers just beat the KSU Wildcats. Hmmm... if KSU beat KU and MU beat KSU ... what does that really say about KU? Couldn't resist! :)

Alana said...

Hi Kelley! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your comment.

Wow, Mom to 7 kids! What an amazing lady you must be!

I love this post of your girls with their Daddy. I hope they had a good time!