Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Test Update & More Golf Lessons.......

Thank you all so much for the prayers concerning my test! There may be a lump in this vessel of clay but it seems that it is nothing to worry about.

It was funny to hear my kids' reaction to the fact I was having a sonogram. They thought for sure there was a baby on the way until they found out where the sonogram was being done. I think they were actually disappointed. I think I was a little disappointed... and then I regained my sanity and remembered how all babies become teenagers one day and I still have 14 years of that left!

After yesterday's post about my son's golf experience, today I want to take a moment to brag on my two girls.

Cece finished third in the 10 yr. old championship flight and Sophie took fifth in the 8 yr. old division.

I love the fact that the girls get to play this game. In fact I grew up in a family of golfers. My Great Uncle was a golf pro and one of my cousins played her way through college on a scholarship. My grandparents were avid golfers and built a beautiful home on a golf course.

As for me, I didn't play my first game of golf until I was 32 years old and 8 months pregnant with my 5th baby. I had been to the driving range several times and had played miniature golf (so I was an expert putter, lol). My husband said I really didn't belong on the golf course but one of my very patient girlfriends convinced me that I should try playing the Par 3 with her.

If nothing else, I looked the part that day. Wearing a cute maternity Polo shirt, a visor and my new golf shoes my girlfriend and I were paired up with another couple to make a foursome. I still remember the look on that man's face when I said it was my first time out. Although he was smiling, he didn't look happy!

I did OK that day but here is what I learned:

1) Golf is not in the genes. It doesn't matter how good or accomplished your family is, you have to develop your own game.

2) You cannot rely on your strength to drive the ball. It isn't a HARD swing but a CORRECT swing that makes the ball go.

3) The game of golf is never perfected. It must be practiced regularly with lots of time spent on the course in order to be successful.

And here is how I am trying to apply these lessons to my everyday:

1) I can't compare myself to others, God has a plan & purpose especially for me!

2) I must NOT rely on my own strength but depend upon the power of the Holy Spirit!

3) I must spend plenty of time in the presence of God and immersing myself in His Word.

It has been years since I have actually played golf but these lessons are timeless and I am so glad that God shared them with me! And you can bet I will be passing them on to the next generation!


Runner Mom said...

Loved your golf analogy!! I am the expert Putt-Putt quesn in our family! We only play that once a year at the beach! So sad!

I'm glad that the sonogram went well and that the issue is not a serious one. Will continue to pray.

Have an awesome day, my friend! I'm hitting the bicycle instead of the golf course this morning!
Love ya,

Darlene said...

Congrats to your girls. I have never played golf. I know there are scholarships every year in Alabama that never get taken because of the lack of girls in golf. I think it is wonderful that your girls play. Who knows...one day they may could get a scholarship to University of Alabama or Auburn.
I like the golf analogy. I need to rely more on the strength of our Heavenly Father. This week is a tough one. Andrea moves this Friday for college. I am trying hard not to smoother her with my presence. I really would love to just hold her in my arms and rock her ...I know she would not go for that. So I haven't asked. LOL
Praying your test results are okay.
Blessings my sister,

Amy said...

Yay! for your health update, and Amen! to your lessons. Number one is a particularly tough one for me at times, but your words are so true.:)

I'm loving the golf scrapbook page too. So cute!:)

God Bless,

Nicole said...

I'm glad your sonogram went well. I love analogys.


tiggerdaisy said...

Great analogy! Your girls look so very adorable! :)

Praise God that the lump isn't anything to be concerned with! Hallelujah!

Prayers and blessings,

tiggerdaisy said...

Oh, and the digital scrapbook page is SO CUTE! Love it!

Nicole said...

In addition...absolutely love the scrapbook page. Super cute!

Krista said...

Congrats to your kids and to you on your good test results!

Phillip and I do not have that golf gene, but it's wierd...Drew wants to learn so bad. We bought him a couple of clubs and balls to hit around. We are not sure where his interest came from. Ha.

Have a great day!

On Purpose said...

Celebrating your results of the sonogram today with you!

I have had on traumatic episode out on the "mini golf course" that has left me keeping my clubs under lock and key! HA!

I love you girl, and I know you will be blessed today!

cautious1 said...

As a golfer, I sometimes scratch my head and wonder why I love this game -a game that brings a lot of frustration while at the same time bringing me joy when I hit a good shot or sink a really long putt. As you mentioned, it requires a great deal of time and dedication, much like our faith life. I love the lessons that you learned from golf and how you applied them to your real life. Thanks for your insightful words. I always look forward to reading your blogs!

luvmy4sons said...

So glad that you got a good report back on your health. That kind of stuff can be quite scary. I had to have a biopsy of some calcifications in my breast. It was a long wait to my negative! Congrats to your girls and I love your lessons from your lessons!

Kristen said...

Wish we could play golf together. Love your analogy. I remember when I was first learning to golf. Most sports came very easy for me as I was blessed with good athletic genes. However, golf was a different story. Why is hitting that little ball into a little hole so hard? Congrats to your girls!!

Glad your test results are ok. I had been praying about that for you!!!!!

Melanie said...

So glad all is well after the sonogram! I had a similar experience recently and I know those between the mammogram and the sonogram can be a bit scary.

Congrats to the girls on their golf game!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

You are like a fount of analogies! I need to get a life so I can make some analogies! How's the running going? I'm so glad you're OK, sweet friend!