Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Party Goes On.....

There once was a girl with a curl
Right in the middle of her forehead,
When she was good she was very, very good
But when she was bad she was horrid!

I have always joked that this poem was written for my daughter due to the fact she has a cowlick in the middle of her forehead which results in a curl. Of course now she wears those bangs long so you would never know it. It is one of those things only a Mom knows.

I love those "secrets" that exist between a Mom and her offspring. Things like:

~~It makes her crazy when I click my fingernails together.
~~Her forehead has a permanent bump from when she took a bad fall as a child.
~~She can't stand to talk about feet. In her opinion they are "sick".
~~Her favorite bible story is about Queen Esther.
~~In our church very few women serve communion and she is totally humiliated when I do it (so I serve as often as I can, haha!).
~~She wants to name her future daughters Vegas and Blaize.
~~Taco Bell is as good as it gets!
~~She is embarrassed by just about everything (especially in front of her boyfriend). Including birthday scrapbook pages posted on her Mom's blog (so of course I must post, hahaha!).
~~IPOD is her best friend.
~~She is NEVER happy with her hair!
~~Regular cake is boring, cookie cake is cool!
~~As a baby, if we covered her face with a blanket she would stop crying.
~~Whatever you do----Don't ever tell her what to do!! (especially if you are her sibling)

Anyway, you get the idea. I guess all of these things aren't so secret anymore.

I wonder what kind of things God would say if he were to write a list of "secrets" only He knows about me. YIKES, I think I am glad God doesn't publish a blog!

Oh, and we have finally gotten her enrolled in a school. Door #3 seems to be the right one, thanks for all of the prayers!!


luvmy4sons said...

You sound like one way cool mom. That is so neat you know your daughter so well. Happy birthday to her...and so glad that door #3 was a winner!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday, Lilly!:)

Your house sounds like it runs very similar to mine. When our boys do those "things" that only Shannon and I know about, we always tease that we cannot wait until they get married, so we can share their "quirkiness" with their new wives over dinners.;)

By the way, I love your blog scrapbook pages! They are so cute!

God Bless,

Joyful said...

Happy Birthday Lilly! You and I share the same birthday...only..I have 30 years on you! YIKES! Hope you have a wonderful day.

Kelley, so glad you see the Lord's guidance re:school. His timing is always perfect.

Love ya,

Krista said...

I am glad that God provided a solution to the school issue for your daughter. She is beautiful and I love your list of mother / daughter secrets.

Celebrating God's faithfulness,

Runner Mom said...

Yay! Door number three worked!

Please tell Lilly "Happy Birthday" from another mom who loves to embarrass her kids as well!!! Isn't it fun??? Heehee! I hope that her cookie cake is yummy!Mine like those too.

I loved this list that you came up with! YOur kids have a very special mom! And, I agree with you --I'm glad that God does not have a blog!!!

Love ya,

tiggerdaisy said...

Happy Birthday, Lilly! I hope your day is WONDERFUL!!!!

Praise God for Door #3! May Lilly prosper in this new school!

Prayers and blessings,

Rachael said...

Yeah for Door #3! I'm so glad you were patient enough to wait on the Lord. God is good, sometimes he's great!

Carol said...

So sweet! Happy Birthday Lilly!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Lilly!!!

You CRACK me up Kelley! I LOVED this post.

Glad door #3 worked.


Darlene said...

Happy Birthday Lilly!!
Great scrapbook page! I need to learn how to do this online.
My Sunshine Andrea moves to college tomorrow. It is a whirlwind at my house trying to get things packed. I think we need a semi-truck to carry it all. Why she thinks she needs 50 pairs of shoes is beyond me!!!
Pray for me tomorrow will be tough.

Debbie said...

Happy birthday Lilly!! I too think it is great that you know your daughter so well!!

God bless!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Happy Birthday, Lilly! She is beautiful, and I know you are so proud of her.

So very happy to hear that the school situation has been worked out...I'm sure you are so relieved. God is good!

Laurie Ann said...

Awesome post for the birthday girl. Hope she has a happy birthday!Glad Door #3 opened up and ya'll walked through it.

Jami @ livelaughlove5 said...

I love this post! I'm sure she really loves the hat sticker you put on her head too! :)

I'm glad to hear you found a school!

By the way, my mom always said that poem about me too. Now I say it about my red head! eeek!

Nicole said...

What a fun post. Happy Birthday Lilly! I am so glad that door #3 has opened up for you. Yeah God!


Pamela (MrsJoeB) said...

Yea to the school and happy birthday Lily! You have such a gifted mom!!

In His Graces~Pamela

On Purpose said...

Happy Birthday Lilly!

Enjoy your "cookie" cake!!

Susan said...

Happy Belated Birthday Lilly!!

What a precious picture of a BEAUTIFUL young lady!

He tell Lilly I have one of those crazy cowlicks too!!

Not into "feet" either,

Taco Bell is not that bad!!

She looks like you mom!

I hope she has forgiven you for doing this to her!!

Love you Kelly♥

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Oh, Aromatic Joyous One, you bless me so much. How can this kid not be crazy about you? I'm sure she is, only she doesn't want to be obvious about it. Love the analogy, also.

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Oh - sweet 16. That is a total milestone. One of the reasons that we have kids is to humiliate them by being "cool ," isn't it?

RefreshMom said...

Funny, I was just thinking about some of those "Mom secrets" for my DS the other day including: his pinky fingers aren't straight, the top section curves in a bit. And if you're familiar with the saying "Don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya...." well, there's a secret about his "split" too, but even at 5 he'd probably rather I not publish it on the web!

He would totally agree with Lilly that Cookie Cake is cool! I'm glad you found the right school for her. Happy sweet 16.

Ang baylis said...

I'll be back when I get a chance, but wanted to stop by to say hello! I miss being able to read your blog! I love your heart! I wish we lived near each other because I just know we'd be friends!
Love to you,
Angie xoxo

p.s. Happy Birthday to your Lilly!

Leebird said...

Hello Blog Design Miracle Worker!!!

Thanks so much for turning my blog into something eye-catching and cheerful! I love it!


Lord, I pray for Lilly on her b'day. I ask you to let this upcoming year of her life be a banner year where she can see Your fingerprints all over her! Thank you for providing her with a new school...please provide her with godly, positive friends who will point her to Jesus and bring out the best in her. Bless this family as they seek to be who You would have them be. IN Jesus' Name, AMEN

Jenileigh said...


Kathi said...

This is a great post Kelley. How special and sweet that you have a close relationship with your children. You are blessed. I am too and so thankful. Have a great day. Oh, I can relate to the post above too. School is starting. All four of mine are going to public school this year, and at three different schools. I'm filling out forms. Hugs, Kathi

Christina said...

How cute. Happy Birthday to Lilly and I am sure your list wasn't too bad.

Ditto: Thank God doesn't publish a blog!!!!!!!