Wednesday, June 4, 2008

WFW~~State Cup Soccer

It is Kansas State Cup week and my daughter's team is playing in the 12 yr. old semi-finals this evening.

Cece is only 10 yrs. old but she plays on a U11 team that plays up in the U12 age bracket (did you get all that?). This means she plays against girls who are older and sometimes much bigger in size than she is but I have never seen her be intimidated or afraid. Even after taking some nasty falls and sporting some ugly bruises she eagerly jumps right back into the game. As her Mom it is such a blessing to watch her demonstrate what could only be a God given ability!

Good Luck Cece~~~Go Arsenal!!

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Carolyn said...

What a wonderful daughter you have. It sounds like nothing stops her, and even though soccer is "just a game", it is preparing her for life and those huge obstacles that sometimes get in our way. If she takes our Lord with her always, she'll do fine!

Where in Kansas?:) (fellow Kansan here...)

Carolyn said...

Burlington (60 miles straight south of Topeka... 1/2 way between Wichita and KC)

You had some pretty rough weather last night, didn't you? We have had lots of rain and some storms this spring, but nothing major. Praying it continues that way.

Twinkle Mom said...

Go Soccer!! Okay..hubby is more of a fan (and understands the sport more than I do) but that is so fitting for that verse.

Chickie Momma said...

What a verse for such a photo! Thanks for sharing.

valerie said...

Hi Kelley,
thanks for coming to see me on my blog. Yes, my nannie is pretty special. I had told my aunts to read my blog about her and one of them printed it all off for her.
She called me yesterday and it was so cute. She thanked me and said how sweet it was and then she told me there was something she forgot to tell me....she delivered a baby all by herself when she was only 21 yrs. old.
She said I could write that next time. :)
Yes, I do love those special bargains from the Lord and I do give Him credit when He sends things like that my way. I absolutely believe in the favor of God.
Thanks again! Have a great day.

Tracy said...

What a perfect photo and story to illustrate that scripture! What a tough cookie Cece must be! Imagine the confidence this must be building in her! Thanks for sharing!
Tracy = )

Cheryl said...


Yes, you can see very clearly in this photo this girl is much bigger than Cece. How awesome that she is not afraid to face her opponents.

Very proud you must be of all your kids!


Judy @ In His Grip said...

Our son played soccer from the time he was five all the way through college. He was always the smallest boy on the field until he reached his junior year of high school. He always said, "It is not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog." Needless to say, he was pretty scrapy and got a few red cards along the way.

ellen b said...

Way to go Cece! I love soccer and love the stamina and determination it takes to stay in the game. Kind of like following Christ... :0)

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Good photo and scripture. You have much reason to be a proud Mom!

Isn't God amazing...the way He talents us with certain abilities. Wow.

Thanks for the very sweet comment on my blog.

Melanie said...

Wow! You've got one good soccer player there it sounds like, Kelley.

The scripture one that I have always loved. So glad God is on my side! :)

Happy WFW!

Anonymous said...

that looks awesome!

I used to be a Kansan here too! I was in Dodge City!

miss the warm weather!

that is a great verse. I think your daughter will appreciate that shot when she's older!
It must be the day for kids and verses b/c this is the 4th one I've seen! lol maybe a hint our children need extra blessings this week?

Joyful said...

Well, David was a little shepherd boy and he took on a giant. With God nothing is impossible!

Loved the picture and verse - perfect! Cece sounds like she is already a winner!

Love & prayers,

Jami said...

Hey Kelley - I just had to catch up on your last 3 posts. I really appreciate your honesty about how Satan comes attacking.

I was just feeling that this weekend in regards to She Speaks. Up till then, I've just been excited but all of a sudden I heard these words..."What are you thinking?" "Why do you think YOU could speak?" etc. etc.

I am feeling God's call on my life...I don't know exactly how He is leading but I feel excited about it. I guess I should expect to feel opposition from Satan. The last thing he wants is a life sold out to Christ!

I am so looking forward to meeting you Kelley! God bless you today!

Denise said...

Such a lovely verse, and picture.

Laurie Ann said...

Great verse and pic. Thank you for sharing that with us! May your daughter continue to prosper and remain confident.

Tricia said...

Thanks for the great reminder that God is on our side!

I know you are so proud of your daughter!

lori said...

You go Aroma Girl!
That was a PERFECT image for that verse!!
Go CeCe!!


Found said...

That's awesome!!! Go Cece!!!

thanks for sharing

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...