Saturday, June 28, 2008


At the She Speaks conference last weekend we were led in worship by a girl named Lindsey Kane. She is not only beautiful, she also has an incredible voice!! Oh what I wouldn't give to be able to sing like that!!

Anyway I have chosen one of her songs to share on Then Sings My Soul Saturday. I have posted the lyrics below. I hope you enjoy the music and the pictures.

If you would like to order her CD or learn more about her visit here.

When I cannot stand
When I'm weak
You're the ground beneath my feet
When I'm down in my shame
When it's all the same
You're there to hold my hand
And help me then to stand
You take me as I am
As I am

Aren't You amazing Father
How You love me like Your only daughter
Hold me closer than even a brother
You're the only friend like there is no other
Aren't You amazing Father
How You give me everlasting water
I'm the clay and You're the potter
Aren't You amazing Father

When I'm falling out
Falling down
When I sink beneath the ground
And the plans that I've made
They all get washed away
I feel You always near
Reminding me that You're here
A voice so strong and clear
Strong and clear

Father God You're amazing its true
Like a beacon in the darkness I can always find You
Every thought You know it
Every gift You show it
Every night every day Lord I pray that You bestow it
Word after word You make it so clear
Day after day I feel You so near
Thank You from a grateful daughter
Aren't You amazing Father

You're there to hold my hand
And help me then to stand
You take me as I am
As I am

Have an amazing weekend and be sure to visit Amy for more Saturday blessings.


Cristine said...

Pretty cool song. I'll have to be on the look out for more music by her. Read some of your other posts - loved reading about your cab ride. Sounds like fun!

luvmy4sons said...

Those lyrics are so awesome!

Mocha with Linda said...

Lindsey Kane is great. She leads worship for Vicki Courtney's You & Your Girl events (and did for the Yada Yada/Between as well). She is genuine and personable one-on-one as well.

lana said...

I love Lidsey Kane. She is a local girl here in Austin. I love to hear her sing!

Amy said...
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ocean mommy said...

Those are some powerful words there! LOVE it....

Have a great weekend...

Greg or Amy Wyatt said...

This is a great song! She Speaks must have been great for everyone. God Bless.

Jamie said...

I enjoyed this song! He is truly amazing!

Have a blessed Saturday!

Peggy said...

Thank you so much for sharing something special like Lindsey from SheSpeaks with all of us!

Bless you, Kelley! These lyrics are very moving and encouraging!

I am always aMazed by Our Father's LOVE! Gotta go click & check out more about her...can't buy it down here in Mexico, but I could put it on my wish list!

Cheryl said...


Love this song. I'm going to have to check Lindsay Kane out.

In regards to your post below about your kids. I remember a time when I was younger that even though I was raised in church and a Christian home I made some not so good choices. Now that I'm older I see a BIGGER PICTURE.

When you are following God's ways, it is so much easier. One day when your kids are older, they will be so thankful for the Mom/Dad they had/have.

I'll be praying for you and your family. I would hate to be that age again, especially in today's world.


SharonB said...

What a great song! Love the lyrics - thanks for sharing today!

Sara said...

Awesome song, love the lyrics. Thank you so much for taking the time to share.

Kim said...

Great song with great lyrics Kelley.

I'm not familiar with Lindsey....thanks for introducing her!!

Have a WONDERFUL weekend.


Susan said...


Just stopping in to let you know I was thinking of you tonight.

Praying all is well...

Blessings are coming your way my sweet friend♥