Monday, June 30, 2008

Vacation is just a State of Mind....

If life went according to my plans I would be writing this post from a luxurious condo in Florida.

Yes, this was supposed to be family vacation week but due to our "economic uncertainty" (have I mentioned my husband is in the mortgage business?) and the fact that a gallon of gasoline costs more than a movie ticket, we canceled our trip.

I know, I know, we are being good stewards with what God has entrusted us and I certainly don't want to do something foolish, like indulge in a week of fun that we will have to pay for over the next 2 years. Still though, "I want to be at the beach!!" (Could you hear the whine in that statement?)

The good news is that we are still finding ways to spend some wonderful quality time together as a family.....

Yesterday after church we all (minus the oldest) supported Cece at her basketball game and then took in a movie. Let me just say, KUNG FU PANDA rocks!! You can read Lysa TerKeurst's take on it here and here.

Someone asked me yesterday how we can afford to take all of our kids out to a movie. It is easy, just cancel the family vacation and suddenly we are feeling quite wealthy!


Yolanda said...

After reading Lysa's post, I SO want to see Kung Fu Panda.

Thanks for the encouragement!


tiggerdaisy said...

Gotta go see this movie!

Have fun at home! You can make it special indeed!

Prayers and Blessings!

Jamie said...

I'm sure you can make this a special week for your family. Sounds like you are off to a great start.

Enjoy your week!

Feathering My Nest said...

Kelley, I grew up in a loving family. We never went on any terrific family vacations, except once we drove all the way up to Moses Lake Washington to see cousins. We went on day trips to the beach or parks. We turned out just fine. I think going to the movies is lots of fun and makes memories. We are not going anywhere this year either. Just being together is the best. Hugs, Kathi

Paula (SweetPea) said...

I hope to take my nieces to that movie because I had read Lysa's recommendation.

Can you go to your local swimming hole...I mean pool, take one of those sound machines with ocean waves and just close your eyes the entire time?

Remember, YOU said it's a state of mind and this sure could enhance your state of mind. haha

luvmy4sons said...

Love your attitude! My kids lvoed Kung Fu Panda! BUT we are still going on vacation in two weeks. We have a wedding of my nephew as a good excuse that we cannot just cancel it! Keep up the great spirit!

Laurie Ann said...

I'm sorry your vacation was canceled. I am going to pray that God makes a way for you to get to teh beach at least once this summer! Never hurts to try. We are skipping vacation this year because of the new grandbaby and the one to come. Saving $$$ to do for them. It's worth it.

Glad you enjoyed Kung Fu Panda. I *so* want to see it after reading Lysa's recommendation - and now yours that it rocks! I hope to see it soon. If I miss it at the theater, I'll catch it on DVD.

Lelia Chealey said...

We're going to go see this! This was hilarious. Thanks for the laugh. Sorry if I seemed zoned out yesterday when you called. Lack of sleep, hurting...but she is at my parents right now but still left her stuff over there. I just wonder if he won't let her go if she doesn't have Amiyah. I say leave the stuff.
Anyway, thanks for the video clip. I so needed this laugh!
I'll call you later.
So neat you had a fun family day.
Love ya,

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Aww. I want to be at the beach, too. But you made the wise choice...good for you.

We've got to go see that movie...I can't believe how much people are raving over it! :)

Tracy said...

You are so right...vacation IS just a state of mind. My hubby has been wearing sun tan lotion around the house because the smell puts us both in a beach/vacation frame of mind! We were sitting in our back yard yesterday hearing the wind blow through the trees and realized if we closed our eyes, it sounds a little like ocean waves....aaahhh.


P.S. That video clip was hilarous!

Kristen said...

Like you our summer vacation will be spent at home. Jim and I are REALTORS, so we an empathize with your family! This week will be a partial vacation week for me as well.

Bless your family time this week! It might just be the best vacation ever! (I am remembering a post about a vacation and a hurricane!)

Linda said...

Hey, we saw Kung Fu Panda this weekend, too! Everyone liked it a lot. I thought it was just, Ok, dawg.

KCAimee said...

Oh, I hear you! We were supposed to go to the beach in August, but decided against it for the same reason.

I guess that good old KC will have to suffice for us this year, although I'm still holding out hope for another short jaunt down to Table Rock Lake.

Laura said...

Hi, Kelley! I'm with you, would rather be at the beach right now! Sounds like you're making lemonade out of lemons, good girl! Loved reading the lyrics to Lindsey's song. I am waiting for her cd in the mail! Can't wait...

Pat said...

Florida will miss you but I am certain that God will make your vacation "sunny" right where you are!
Be blessed!

Carol said...

Hey girl,
We did the same thing. We decided not to go to the beach due to gas prices. We are having a vacation at home. We're going to hit Six Flags, the Aquarium, Stone Mtn. Park, and take in a Braves game. I was pretty disappointed at first, but now I'm excited. Nothing to pack. No big laundry piles when we return! Hang in there!

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Catch Kelley*
(Tossing you a beach ball)
Did you catch it or do that soccer thing with your head move? heehee
I'm at the beach in Hawaii and just wanted to let you know I'm having a wonderful time and wish you were here. ******************
We are staying home as well.
I'll eat a cheesy brat off the grill for ya though on the 4th, and wave a sparkler in your honor.
Dirty job but someones gotta do it. ;) HAVE A BEEEAUTIFUL WEEK with your family.
Happy 4th of July!

Jenny said...

Oh, feeling pain about a cancelled vacation. Are you near a "Beach"?
Here in Minnesota, any lake with 4 feet of sand is considered a beach. Laughable by my So. Cal. standards, but if you can just find some sand, stretch out and close your eyes, you could pretend. :)

hugs !

RefreshMom said...

Boy can I relate to the vacation thing. I'm still holding out hope we'll get to take ours some time before school starts in the fall, but we're definitely not counting on it and not talking to the kids about the possibility. It looks like our kids might experience (like we did) what it's like not to be able to do whatever they want whenever they want after all.

We will have to check out the Panda movie though. The fact that there's a contemporary story that will actually promote that "disobedience leads to destruction" makes it worth seeing for sure.

Jenny said...

I need to break down and see this movie! We are with you on the skipping vacation this year...painful!


Krista said...

My husband and son went to see Kung Fu Panda without me! I can't believe those boys. ha.

Enjoying your blog,

Christina said...

We saw Kunf Fu Panda and I agree, It Rocks.

I have heard many people are taking staycations this year which is like staying home and doing things closer to the house. Gas is $4.24 here and I am definitely cautious of how far I drive in a week.

I was saying to my hubby yesterday that maybe this is God's way of saying "wake up America." We are all so busy and now with the economy the way it is we are forced to be less busy, take time to spend with the people we love, and just sit back and smell the roses. I'm thinking that might be a pretty good plan.

Christina said...

PS It's not too hard on us here though to keep occupied for the summer because VBS starts in a week and then school shopping for the kids to go back to school by the end of July. Let me take that back, it is not too easy because I just thought of the cost school shopping is going to be.

Nancy said...

I admire your decision to cancel vacation as opposed to going into debt. Your family time can be memorable and fun no matter where you are and you are teaching your children a very valuable lesson in all this too!

Great job.

Kim said...

Hey Kelley~
LOVED the video!!! I'm on vacation this week too...and I'm LOVING being at home.

Enjoy your time.

Susan said...

This was just precious!!!!

I heard the movie was good, I will take the grands to see it soon.

So, have you recovered from your conference? Still on a cloud?

Hopefully you making the most out of this week.

You are such a blessing Kelly♥

Faithful Froggers said...

I still haven't seen the movie - but my kids did! Grandmom took them - but I stayed home with Allie. She isn't quite old enough to sit through a movie yet. But I will definitely have to see it when it comes out on DVD.

I hope you are enjoying a fun week with the kids!

Bambi said...

Vacation trip is a perfect idea to refresh your mind & relax your body completely.