Monday, May 19, 2008

Tribute to Kansas City and David Cook

You know Kansas City is not known for a whole lot of exciting things (except of course being the home of the very exciting David Cook) but I was reminded this weekend that we are blessed with some incredible Bar-be-Que!

After attending 3 graduation parties where there was some form of this delicacy served I am grateful to call Kansas City my hometown! So, in honor of Kansas City bar-be-que, I am going to share with you a recipe today for some of the best beans you have ever tasted.

Arguably one of the best bar-be-que joints in town is Jack's Stack BBQ and I believe it is these beans that have made them famous. So without further adieu, here is the recipe for Jack's Stack BBQ beans...........

1 32 oz. can pork & beans (I use Van de Camps)
1 cup chopped brisket
1 cup BBQ sauce (Jack's Stack Original)
4 heaping tablespoons brown sugar
1 tablespoon chili powder
1 teaspoon liquid smoke
1/2 cup ketchup
1/2 cup water

Combine all ingredients in a 4 quart saucepan over Med. heat. Bring beans to a boil and then reduce to a simmer. Cook beans for 20 minutes or until a thick, soupy consistency is reached.

And that is all there is to it. My cookin' tribute to Kansas City and David Cook (go David Cook!).

I will close today with a picture of my very smart niece who received her diploma yesterday (and of course you all know my mom by now)......

Congratulations Lindsay! And though you didn't have beans at the party, the chocolate fountain more than made up for it....LOL


Anonymous said...
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LynnSC said...

Thanks so much for the recipe. I am always looking for a way to change things up.

And I agree with you... Go David Cook ! He really is idol material.

Jenny said...

Chocolate fountain, sounds wonderful! I will have to try the bean recipe out!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

As barbeque should be...with red sauce. Have you ever tried Eastern NC barbeque? Yuck. The first time I had it, I asked where the red sauce was...

Boy I had a lot to learn about living in Eastern NC. Some one please pass the red!


SweetPea said...

Not sure who David Cook is but I have seen a chocolate fountain. Those are cool...just be careful not allow the chocolate to weigh down your fruit that it plops right off of your toothpick.

Okay from Lynn's comment, I'm guessing David is part of American Idol...the show of which I do not watch and feel like an outcast. haha

luvmy4sons said...

I am lovin' David Cook. I can't pick between him and David A. I love them both. Love the pic! I figure they both have good careers ahead of them! And what could possible be wrong with a chocolae fountain? Nothing I say! LOL!

Melanie said...

Ahh.. I have a special in my heart for anything Kansas City. I lived there for about 10 years and both my sisters still live there with their families. I love it when we head up that way for a visit.

And I love me some KC BBQ. I live in Texas now and Texans think I'm crazy, but KC BBQ is by far THE BEST.

Happy Monday!

Kim said...

Now you are talkin' family LOVES barbeque beans...and I'll be trying your for sure.

It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!!!!

Enjoy your week friend.


grey like snuffie said...

We have to force ourselves to put Jack Stack down the list each time we go out. But it keeps working its way back to the top. Their beans and their Flattened Chicken are SO AMAZING. Our girls taught us that the only way to eat the beans is to dip the fries in them. Oh glory, now I want to go.

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

You left a comment on my blog under your girls' name - I was so confused! But what awesome little girls they are!!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Yum! This recipe sounds sooo good.

And...go David Cook! I'll be so mad if he doesn't win. Either way, I'm sure he'll be picked up right away by some label and put out some great stuff.

Tonya said...

WOW, those beans DO SOUND YUMMY! Ya know, Memphis is supposedly known for it's BBQ too. (We tried all the different "joints" when Brent was in treatment there) Would you believe that NONE of them hold a candle to my Daddy-in-law's??? He smokes a whole hog and Link's mom has her own "sauce" recipe. (She made it up COMPLETELY on her own) It's WONDERFUL!!!!!!!

Now, I'm noticing your blog is different again? Are you doing this yourself??? If so, I need lessons! LOL!!!!!!

See you soon,

KCAimee said...

Go David! The fam and I are headed to your your church for a little Sunday visit. Not this weekend because we're going to Branson so probably the weekend after that. I'll let you know for sure when we're coming as it gets closer. I LOVE Jack Stack bbq beans.

Yolanda said...

I'm going to try me some of these beans! Seems like it is mashed potatoes or beans that are the top of my list at the moment, something soft with the braces!


PS: I've lived all my life in Kansas, and I've never had KC BBQ! Honestly, I've been to KC maybe a total of 4 times. I need to get there!

Christina said...

Congratulation to your niece. Beutiful girl.

I will definitely try the beans, I love beans and the last time I had some really good ones was when we were in Oklahoma. They are pretty good at BBQ in Texas and OK too.

I like both Davids so I really can't decide. I am glad that they both will have great careers no matter who the Idol is.

Lelia Chealey said...

Perfect timing my friend as I am approaching Alyssa's grad party!! I have been so weepy lately just thinking my baby is graduating...she officially graduated in January, but is walking in the big ceremony June 1st. See, I'm gonna cry.
thanks for the beans.
Love you lots,

MrsJoeB said...

Go David!!! My 11 y.o. is so hooked on him!! Can't wait for his concert. We gotta get him into christian music next!!!

In His Graces~Pamela