Thursday, May 22, 2008

I've Sprung a Leak

I was just minding my own business yesterday, checking off the events on my May calendar by attending my daughter's 5th grade graduation. When suddenly & unexpectedly I sprung a leak.

I know what you are thinking, "after birthing 7 babies she probably leaks all the time!" But it wasn't that kind of leak. I have leaked from all kinds of places in my time but this one came out of my eyes......

The day started pleasant enough. We had a lovely catered breakfast in the cafeteria and I snapped some pictures of my girl with a few of her friends........

Her silly sister......
And her teacher.....

We then moved on to the gym where the teachers sat on the stage and the kids were on risers surrounding them.

Since I had made it through Quin's preschool graduation with dry eyes I figured there was nothing to worry about here. No waterproof mascara for me, I was going tissue free!

SIDE NOTE: The Assistant Principal of the middle school came over to shake our hands. Our family holds a special place in this man's heart thanks to the two teenagers. While he said "it's great another one of your kids is entering middle school" I saw the fear in his eyes....

As the kids sang songs from each of the years they were in elementary school my mind drifted back to first grade......

It was 2002. My daughter's first year at the school.
We car-pooled with a neighbor and one day, about 3 weeks into the school year, Cece decided she wasn't going to get in the car. She sat herself down on the porch and refused to budge. After pleading with her, bribing her and threatening her I finally had to have a neighbor watch my babies while I drove her to school myself.

Everything in me wanted to keep her home but I also knew that would set a dangerous precedent. Even walking her in to the building was not a habit I wanted to start but she wasn't going to go in alone. As I tried to leave her outside her classroom she threw her body to the ground and cried. This is a great way to get to personally meet every teacher, aide, office worker and the principal himself!

Eventually we got her to the principals office, I was able to leave and she went on to class. Every day that year I prayed she would go to school. I have had kids cry about going but none actually had the guts to refuse to go.

By the end of first grade she was much better and of course now it is just a memory.....

As I watched her sing a song from that school year I felt a tear fall. One tear led to another and before I knew it I was leaking all over the place! Fortunately a mom next to me was better prepared and gave me a tissue. I guess I'm not the cold fish I thought I was (LOL).

Congratulations Cece, and thanks for the memories!


Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Oh, how sweet! I just know I'll be one of those moms that bawls her way through every event. What a beautiful girl she is.

MyJourneyBack said...

Oh how sweet. What a lovely post. You must have had a wonderful time. I love the photo at the end. Cherish it and this time and all the ones past and future. Someday soon you'll blink and she will be twenty five. Trust me it happened to me. I got a dog to fill the void! That is another story.
Thanks for sharing such a sweet story. Blessings, Sherry

Pat said...

Your BLOG is beautiful, did you create it yourself?
I happened upon it tonight while roaming around BLOG world. I can relate to your leak moments from the same side of life as Sherry. The thing is, just when you think you've blocked those tear ducts, they go and give you grand babies!! You have not truly "LEAKED" until you hold the little one, of your little one, in your arms.
Stock up on the tissue girlfriend. The fun has just begun!!

LynnSC said...

I had a problem with that same leak on Sunday when my first born was part of a graduation celebration at church. To think that that sweet little bald baby is now a high school graduate. God is certainly good.

A life full of memories.
Thanks so much for sharing.

Young Creations said...

I have tears in my eyes just reading your story. They are all growing up just way too fast. Congrats.

luvmy4sons said...

It is so hard letting them grow up! What a precious girl you have there! So much love in yur post. I SO understand...thanks for sharing your lovely heart on this!

Yolanda said...

I loved this picture, the three of you!


Kim said...

From one Mamma to another...keep the kleenex in your purse. Trust me on this one!!! lol

There are TOO many times I thought I wouldn't be affected by my children, and I was so very wrong.

I think it's SO great....that your heart is so tender....and the tears fall freely.

Have an amazing Memorial Day meeting.


valerie said...

What a sweet post!
Every time I think I'm ok w/out a kleexex, I'm so wrong.
I attended a high school graduation at the Christian school where I work and where my own children attended all their lives.
Each year I cry because there aren't many graduates and we're like one big family. (not to mention the slide show they show at the end with baby pictures through their current pics) This year seemed a little different and I didn't take any tissue. For some reason I didn't think I'd need it.
The very first young man that was recognized for the citizenship award got me going. I saw his mom start to cry and then his entire graduating class stood to honor him. That was just the beginning.
My friend's husband got up and got us tissues. :)
These are just such precious times with so many memories that we want to treasure and never let go of.
Your daughter is beautiful and I know you are proud.
Blessing today & praying you have a great weekend.

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Lovely post. These days, I always carry a kleenex to church...I know that's not "mom" related but I've come to realize there's nothing worse than dripping from the nose...don't know about you but when my eyes leak so does my nose.

You are beautiful, Kelley. I've always thought that but his is a wonderful picture. I love your colorful shirt and jean jacket!

Jamie said...

So, so sweet! You and your girl are both beautiful. Always keep some tissues in your never know when you will spring another leak.

Lelia Chealey said...

How sweet! You all are such a beautiful family!
Even though Alyssa officially graduated in January, she is walking June 1st in a ceremony with her friends. She just picked up her cap/gown Monday. I've been crying ever since...
Love ya,

Judy @ In His Grip said...

I think there must be something in the air. My eyes have been leaking alot this Spring as well. I am not sure when our kids accomplish something that we will ever stop the leaking.

Joyful said...

Kelley, this is so sweet! What precious memories. Children are a treasure, and they grow up so fast. Cherish each day.

Love the family picture - it speaks of the love you all share.

Jami said...

Hi Kelley! I've come to your blog a few different times now and I just love it! You make me laugh!! I am pretty sure that you'll be at She Speaks right?! Me too!! I hope to meet you!! :)

Reading your post makes me kind of sad as I am about to send my first off to Kindergarten next year. Life is going too fast for me!

God bless!

Jenelle said...

I am going to be a very leaky mommy. Last Sunday when they honored all the graduates at church, I was crying even though I didn't know any of the kids. I was just thinking about how someday my sweet boy would be that big. He's only 11 months! Oh brother. Maybe I'll buy stock in Keenix.

Christina said...

Wow time really flies. I can see why it was emotional. Congratulations to your daughter on her graduation. Looks like the graduation went well.