Tuesday, May 13, 2008

In Other Words Tuesday.....May 13

So he went to her, took her hand and helped her up. Mark 1:31

When I was 17 years old I developed a bad case of pneumonia along with a dangerously high fever. I was hospitalized for several days and when my fever finally broke it took a couple of weeks for me to completely regain my energy.

That's one of the reasons the story of Simon Peter's mother-in-law is so miraculous to me. Mark says that when the disciples told him she was in bed with a fever, Jesus "went to her, took her hand and helped her up".

Wow, three little action phrases that speak volumes about who Jesus is and the power He has on our lives!

---He went to her.
He didn't say, "just a minute" or "I'll be there when I can."
He didn't ask that she be brought to him.
He didn't ask whether she had insurance or how much she could pay. He didn't ask her religious beliefs or her educational background.
He went to her. He was God in the flesh, he knew what she needed and he knew she needed Him.

---He took her hand.
He touched her.
He didn't wait for her to ask.
He covered her hand with his.
His hand that would be pierced and scarred by nails brought healing to
Her hand that was aged and ill.
As the fever left her body she felt the warm, healing, personal touch of a savior.

---He helped her up.
He didn't abandon her.
He supported her as she rose and he let her use his strength to stand.
He guided her in the direction of life and living....up.

The beautiful thing is that He operates the same way today.
If we call him, Jesus will come to us.
If we reach for him, Jesus will take our hand.
And if we lean on him, Jesus will help us up.

Mark goes on to tell us that when the fever left her, Simon Peter's mother-in-law began to wait on them. After being bedridden with fever I doubt she would have felt like serving others. But my guess is that Jesus not only healed her fever, he restored her strength as well.

This woman's behavior is a perfect example of how we should respond in gratitude to the One who comes to us to take our hand and help us up.



Susan said...

Yes Kelly, GREAT minds, I mean really GREAT minds think alike!!! (He He...)

This was great, and so true. I like the you concluded with the fact she got up and served right after, what an act of GRATITUDE!

You're a blessing. I've really been enjoying ALL your posts!

Have a good one♥

Kim said...

What a GREAT post today!!!

You broke down the passage into great bite size portions...that are easy to remember and apply. Great job.

Have a BLESSED day!


Amy said...

I love this, Kelley!
Jesus is the same today as He was yesterday.....What He offered to people then....He offers to us now.
Unchanging love.

God Bless,

luvmy4sons said...

Great, great thoughts on that passage of scripture. It is the second time today that God has talked to me about my needs and giving them to Him. May we all remember that He still moves! And let me know if you would like any info on being vegan...though if looking pretty is your goal, you are already there! LOL!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Well said. Good digging. Good application. Love it!


Rhonda said...

Beautiful! Kelley - I loved the way you expanded that story. So true.

Shari said...

Yes. He must have restored her strength. And the miraculous healing, and the fact that Jesus was there, probably gave her some serious motivation. It's great how you were able to write so much about one little verse.

heather said...

"If we call him, Jesus will come to us.
If we reach for him, Jesus will take our hand.
And if we lean on him, Jesus will help us up."

I am really struggling with trusting this right now. Will He really answer me? Will He really take my hand? Will He really help me up, and give me His strength to stand?
Some of my friends say this is already happening. I don't see it, but I guess I have to trust in the One that I cannot see; as hard as that may be.
Pray that as I go through the next couple of weeks in my counseling and such, that I will be able to lean on God and not my own understanding!
thanks and God bless,