Saturday, April 12, 2008

Spring Reading Thing.....

I just discovered the Spring Reading Thing 2008! The idea is to list the books I am reading or planning to read this Spring. I LOVE to read and don't go anywhere without a book on me so this is right up my alley!

So without further adieu, here is my list of books to keep me busy this Spring:

What Happens When Women Say Yes to God ---- Lysa Terkeurst
What Happens When Women Walk in Faith ------ " "
It All Goes Back In The Box------John Ortberg
Slightly Bad Girls of the Bible --- Liz Curtis Higgs
To Live Is Christ----- Beth Moore
Sacred Parenting ---- Gary Thomas

I know I will throw in some mindless fiction as well but I don't have anything on my radar right now. Any recommendations???

Also, I have to say I LOVE the button above! It just screams Spring, especially since it is mid April and snowing outside!

So, what are you reading? If you want to participate in this Spring Reading Thing go here and sign up! Summer will be here before we know it!


luvmy4sons said...

I just finished what would seem to be an odd book " A Thousand Splendid Suns" about life in Afghanistan for two particular women. It was gripping and gave me a compelling look into another world, another life, and made me so grateful for these United States but also more compassionate for the plight of other people in other countries...

Yolanda said...

Yippee, I just asked this question about a week ago.


I did go back and add the picture and linked to the site you suggested.

I have always enjoyed reading, and so does my husband. Always several books going between the two of us.


Someday by Karen Kingsbury
What Happens When Women Say Yes To God by Lysa TerKeurst
And also in the middle of the yada yada prayer group series.

Amy said...

Hi Kelley,

I love the book idea. "Slightly Bad Girls of the Bible" is on my list too.
I wanted to share something with you. Yesterday, I felt discouragement like I never had before. Sharing the Bible studies on my blog has been a huge leap of faith for me. I have to work so hard on each post I do, because writing does not come naturally to me. I am trying hard to have a blog that honors God and also shares His Word with others.
I don't get much feedback on my Bible study posts, and the devil was making that point to me loud and clear. I could almost hear him saying, "Nobody wants to hear this, Amy, so why bother?"....I want so to honor God, but yesterday I was in a bit of a pit....then I got your comment.
God used your words to encourage my discouraged soul. I just wanted you to know how much that meant to me.
Today's "Our Daily Bread" speaks of encouraging others. It made me think of you. Thank you, Kelley, for your encouragement. This weary soul needed it.
God Bless,
Here's the link:

Amy said...

It's me again.:) I don't think the link worked (sorry), but you can go to Our Daily Bread on the internet and read it.
God Bless,

Jenny said...

I just read a great book by Ted Dekker, "Adam". Its kinda scary!