Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Getting a Grip!

Oh how did I ever get by without the prayers of prayer warriors like you all? Really, you guys are the very BEST and I do want to thank you for lifting me up in this way!

Do you ever feel like just burying your head in the sand? Like there is so much pressure inside of you that you just think you're gonna pop? On top of that the pressure from the outside is mounting higher and higher. NAH, I never feel that way either. LOL! Seriously, that is exactly how the past few days have felt.

I have this lecture deadline looming and time is ticking down. It also happens that my lecture is being given on our visitor's day so I really want it to be effective (plus my mom is coming as a visitor and who doesn't want to make their mom proud?).

I know I can't do this in my own strength but as I struggled to hear God I just kept thinking about the fact we have no food in the house, the laundry is piled up,the house is a disaster, I need to go to the gym, the kids have soccer practice,I need to write and plan for our leadership meeting, I need to go to the dentist, how will we pay for college, is WWIII coming, when will Jesus return?.........basically I have been completely distracted! All of this led to a disagreement over the phone with my husband about our different philosophies of time and money management and the icing on the cake was when the transmission in our Suburban went out!$

So you see everyone in my world is healthy (except maybe my mental health) and things will work out fine but Satan knows exactly which buttons to push to make me ineffective. I have heard the lie repeated over and over for the past couple of days, "you can't do this, you aren't good enough, you will fail, give up...."

Today at CBS leadership I was reminded of the weapon I possess to fight against these lies, the power and truth of God's word. So, I say to Satan,

"I can do everything through Him who gives me strength"
and I will choose "not to be anxious about anything but in everything, through prayer and petition, and with thanksgiving present my requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding will guard my heart and mind in Christ Jesus."

Since hitting a low point yesterday I have written a few pages for the lecture and am feeling a lot more confident. My husband offered to hit the grocery store and now there is food in the house, my daughter has started the laundry for me and the car is in the shop. Things may not be perfect but they are looking much more manageable to me today.

It is funny though, as I look at the 4 lectures I have done this year, 3 of them have been written in the midst of difficulty and stress. I was sick and bedridden, my Dad was on life support in the hospital, and now this one. I can hardly wait to see what next year brings! LOL! To God be ALL the glory!


Rhonda said...

Kelley - I am so glad that you are starting to see 'the other side'.

It is interesting how when we step out to do what we are called to do, we seem to end up becoming the most vulnerable. It's amazing how God uses us in our weakness.

It seems that when we are utterly helpless and completely overwhelmed then we are able to fully rely on Him.

Oh, but it is not fun at the time, is it?!?

Bless you girl!!

(You quoted my favourite verse.)

Jenny said...

I with you on all the "what ifs" and could Jesus come back now!
Glad you are making progress on your writing!

Just think in a couple of months we will be learning and having a good ole time together!

Joyful said...

So glad the Lord led your focus back to Him. Boy, can I relate to how overwhelming circumstances can appear, but God has the big picture in mind and I'm learning to trust Him. Instead of seeing the 'mountains' I have to bring my thoughts captive to what I know to be true. Claiming His promises for you and continuing in prayer.

Love & prayers,

Cheri said...

What a truly refreshing post this was for me.

God really does work out all the kinks for us...if we let him.

I am so glad you are feeling better and the best is ALWAYS yet to come!

Ang baylis said...

I heard Beth Moore give a definition of His Glory today. I knew it already, but I heard it as if it was the first time. It's doing something so hard that it could ONLY be done by God because on our own we could never do it! It's late and I'm not sure I am making any sense, but it did to me. Anyway, just want you to know I am still praying for you... to stay focused!
In HIS grip,
Angie xoxo

Yolanda said...


Even though you and I are in midst of different "dead lines" for having things dones, we are on the same page. God spoke to me on Sunday about it, if you have just a moment, you might check it out.

Love ya,

Amy said...

Hi Kelley,
Thank you for stopping by my blog. I need to share with you that God used your sweet comments today to give me confirmation from Him. Thank you for that.
I have been struggling with what "my blog" should be like.
Humor is how my husband, children, and I communicate, and get through the day to day stuff of life.
I want my blog to honor God, so I was wondered how doing posts such as "Medical Professionals" would fit into the "honoring Him" category....and your comment answered that question for me.
Laughter is good for the soul, and He is the one who gave us humor and laughter, so I figure we ought to enjoy it. Amen?:)
I'm glad you enjoyed some laughter with me today.
Thank you for your encouraging words. They were like chocolate to my soul.:)
God Bless!

Amy said...

Hi, it's me again...I'm trying to hog all your comment space.:)
I came back to read your post.
We must be related.
I feel the same way....and Satan loves when I do.
When I am overwhelmed it is hard to get anything accomplished, so the list just gets longer and longer.
And my patience shorter and shorter.
I've always been told if I have a lot of struggles while I am trying to serve the Lord in some area, I must be doing something right, because the devil is trying to stop me.....So you must be on to something incredible. Amen?
God Bless,

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

This is timely and a good reminder to me that I struggle not alone. The "pile" is getting pretty tall at my house and in my heart.

I pray that God gives us all the needed wisdom to weed and to purge those "things" that get in the way of finding Him.

Be blessed this day.

DidiLyn said...

Those tough times, they do grow us, don't they? Sometimes I become thankful that things are so hard that all I can do is call upon the Lord so He can deliver me. Then I will praise Him. (Ps.50:15)
So simple, but I try and try until I fail. THEN, I call upon the Lord.
I really enjoyed your blog today. I'll be back by to visit. :-)

MrsJoeB said...

Yes, to God be the glory! Let Him lead. I had a study lined out tonight. Some of it we did, some of it went in a different direction-with the flow of the conversations and it all turned out for God's glory. That's what it is all about!!

In His Graces~Pamela

Christina said...

I know your lecture will go great, but I can see how this must be very stressful. It was nice to hear that through all the things that were going on around you your family really pulled together to lighten your load. You have an awesome family. What a blessing.

Linda said...

All those trials at great times of triumph from the Lord--wow, what a testimony! Be strong and courageous, Kelley. The Lord is with you!