Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Monday!!

AAAARRRRGGG! Something has to be done about that green in my blog design!! I really can't stand it! Thank you for the kind comments and for not letting this hideous color keep you from reading my post. At least I don't have to look at it while I type.

(fyi-that first word is supposed to be a scream of frustration but I think it might be some kind of Pirate language, lol)
I have to tell you, I was pleasantly shocked at all of the comments I got from my last post! I honestly thought no one would even be checking my blog anymore and there you were. Honestly, by the time I was done reading all of your sweet words I had tears in my eyes. Thank you my friends, what a blessing you are!

To borrow an analogy from my friend Janna, it feels like I have been on a roller-coaster ride ever since my birthday (in Mid-November) and the ride is finally slowing down enough that I can get off and collect myself. At least I hope it is slowing down. Otherwise I might have to jump off of a moving roller-coaster and I don't think that would be pretty, lol!
In my next few blog posts I am looking forward to looking back (does that make sense?) at all that has transpired since Dec. 1 (my last post).

But today I am looking forward to the appointment I have with my two youngest children. This afternoon Sophie and Pablo Quin are meeting with the leaders at church to discuss baptism. Sophie is 8 and has been asking to get baptised for awhile now. Quin is only 6 but probably understands more about the Christian faith than the rest of us combined. Case in point:

As we left bible study last week I was very excited when I heard Quin talking to himself in the backseat of the car.

Quin: "lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.."
Me: "Wow Quin, I didn't know you could say the Lord's prayer! Do you know the whole thing? Our Father, who art in Heaven...." (then I recited the whole prayer).
Quin: "You got that from Spiderman!"

Apparently they pray in the movie Spiderman!.... who knew???

Well as my cruel and sadistic encouraging and motivating instructor at the gym says every week, "Have a Happy Monday!! And I will be back with more before you know it!!"


Rhonda said...

Hooray for Spiderman!

Amy said...

Out of the mouths of babes, amen?;)
I'm glad you are back in Blog Land, and I look forward to your upcoming posts.

Happy Monday to you too!
God Bless,

luvmy4sons said...

How wonderful about your children. God is faithful! Glad to see you back so soon!

Chatty Kelly said...

Well, matey, I love your blog layout. See you 'round bloggy ville.

Kristen said...

I am delighted to see you back in blogland! You have been missed!

The green isn't so bad! - Besides, I just noticed the gorgeous picture of your family! LOVE IT!

Happy New Year friend!

Laurie Ann said...

I'm so excited for your children! And Spiderman? Who knew?!

Yolanda said...


Welcome are loved much and have been missed much!


Runner Mom said...

I have so, so missed you sweet friend! Enjoy the rest of your Monday! I'm off for a high school girls' Bible study.

Runner Mom said...

Oh, and the green is fine! I just love the layout and picture!

Darlene said...

Wonderful news about your children!
Glad you are back...we missed you!

Happy Monday!

Pamela (His maidservant) said...

Kelley-I personally like the green. It is good to have you back and it will be good to hear what God has laid on your heart. Children bein baptized are such a blessing. I'll e-mail you my schedule for next week and see if we can work something out!


In His Graces~Pamela

Debbie said...

How precious to hear your children say things like that. It must just warm your soul. God is faithful.

Christina said...

I didn't know this about Spider man either, but boy I am glad to know that there is good material out there for our kids. Smart kid you got there.