Monday, September 15, 2008

What Would Dorothy Have Done?

It seems that Miss Lilly has been invited to Homecoming and for the past week she has bribed, begged and harassed me about going dress shopping.

Finally I ran out of excuses and took her to the mall on Friday after school.

Believe it or not we hit pay dirt in the first store we tried. She found a dress that was exactly what she wanted; short, purple with rhinestones on the straps and approved of by Mom. It really looked beautiful on her but in order to make sure there wasn't an "even better dress" out there we walked down the mall to look in one more store.

As I sat in the dressing room my husband called my cell phone to tell me we were under a tornado warning and his buddy the storm chaser said it seemed to be "the real thing!" About that time they announced over the Department Store loud speaker, "The city has just issued a tornado warning, please take shelter immediately or exit the building."

As you can imagine panic ensued, at least for my daughter. She began wailing, "I need to go back and get that dress!!"

The other customers were hurriedly walking toward the exits but we made a beeline back to store #1. Even if it meant being wiped out in a tornado there was no way I was going to take a chance we would ever find another dress that would be acceptable to my "particular" daughter.

As we walked the length of the mall it struck me as a really an odd scene. You could hear the announcement repeating the instructions to seek shelter or evacuate, and yet the guy at the spa kiosk was continuing to hand out samples & people were still waiting in the smoothie line. Maybe our quest for the dress wasn't so absurd after all!

We finally reached the store where the dress was being held and apparently they had not heard the announcement. Neither the clerk nor the other customers knew anything about a tornado warning.

I made Lilly stop at a table on the way out of the store because they were handing out $10.00 cash coupons for every $50.00 you spent. When the woman at the table tried to get me to stay and shop some more (in order to earn another coupon) I had to tell her "As much as I would love to there is a tornado warning and I must get home to my children. Priorities you know?"

With dress (and coupon) in hand Lilly and I ran across the parking lot and jumped in the car. By then the sirens were blaring and the rain was pounding. Traffic was heavy, as it was rush hour anyway and everyone just wanted to get home!

Finally we pulled into the driveway and a short time later my husband arrived home. Sirens continued to go off for about another half hour as we all watched the rain and clouds shift in the sky. By then we knew the tornado threat was over and we were relieved to have everyone safe and together!

For the rest of the evening my husband and I played in the rain with the kids, Lilly called everyone she knew (in order to brag on her dress), and my college girl (along with her boyfriend) came into town for a visit (completely unaffected by the bad weather).

Looking back I would say Friday night was just another ordinary piece of the puzzle that makes up an extraordinary family! A simple reminder of how blessed I am!!

"Who am I, my Master God, and what is my family, that you have brought me to this place in life? But that's nothing compared to what's coming, for you've also spoken of my family far into the future, given me a glimpse into tomorrow, my Master God! What can I possibly say in the face of all this? You know me, Master God, just as I am. You've done all this not because of who I am but because of who you are—out of your very heart!—but you've let me in on it"
2 Samuel 7:18 (MSG)


Chatty Kelly said...

I thought I was the only mother who let her children play in the rain! When Hurricane Hanna came through VA a week or so ago, I let my children play in the rain. They loved it! (We didn't have the wind at that point).

What a fun day - crazy and all! Seems like life at my house too.

Joyful said...

Glad all is well. It looks like you were having FUN!!!

I always find it strange when I'm in the Shopping Mall and the Fire Alarm goes off, or some other warning is cautioned and people just go right on shopping, ignoring the warnings. Sort of like those who casually go on living without Christ, ignoring the warnings. However, unlike the bad weather that may or may not come, Christ's return is certain. All need to be prepared for that day.

Love ya,
Have a great day,

Christy said...

I love this version of the scripture!

The bad weather you were having on Friday night made it's way to Ohio yesterday. We have thousands without power in our area and schools are all closed. Therefore, I get to spend the day with my kids. I too, am blessed!

Yolanda said...

How about a picture of that dress?



Anonymous said...

I still can't get over the NEED to go back for that dress. Priorities of the fashion-conscious, huh? I also have a daughter who is very much into fashion so my heart goes out to you. I love what you did for your daughter.

On Purpose said...

So can't relate to the tornado warning...being that I don't live in yer neck of the woods...but I can relate to finding the perfect dress for homecoming! Even if is was a "long" time ago

Glad to hear everyone is safe..and even more happy you had fun in the rain!

Anonymous said...

Memories! Your kids are gonna cherish those dances in the rain- WITH mom & dad. Trust me! Anything out of my parents ordinary I always remembered and remind them often. Then we laugh.

GLad you all were safe!

Grace & Peace,

Kelly @ Love Well said...

We encountered a situation like this back in May. There was a tornado on the ground just north of us. But we'd promised the kids we'd go out for dinner, and the restaurant was even further out of the tornado's path.

For what it's worth, I think you made the right call.

Krista said...

Wow! What an exciting shopping day! As if the mall doesn't have enough challenges, throw a tornado and drenching rain into the mix and...YOU PLAY IN IT? Well, at least you had fun and brought laughter to me today.

Happier when dry,

Runner Mom said...

I'm with Yolanda!!! Where is a picture of the dress?

You go, Mom and Dad for playing in the rain! Those are definitely memories that will last forever.
Love ya,

Laurie Ann said...

You're a braver woman than I. At the first sound of tornado warnings, my introverted personality takes a hike and I "seek shelter immediately". LOL. Where's that dress? Loved the pics of ya'll playing in the rain. We haven't done that in ages. Plenty of opportunity lately, just haven't thought of it. :) What fun!

tiggerdaisy said...

How fun!!! :) It sounds like you had a great mother/daughter time that you will not soon forget!

Prayers and blessings,

Rhonda said...

I understand the importance of finding THE dress! Thank goodness the ladies at the dress store weren't trying to close up shop. Like you said..Priorities! Oh...right, that was meant about going home to your children. :)

So glad that you were able to stay in Kansas and weren't swept away to the yellow brick road....Oh, how many times have you heard that one?!?!?!




Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Oh, I absolutely would have gone back to get the dress, too. It sounds beautiful, you'll have to post a pic of it later on.

Playing in the doesn't get any better than that!

LynnSC said...

Sounds like a fun and productive day for all.

Please be sure to share a picture of the perfect dress...


luvmy4sons said...

Too funny...Now that is one serious shopper you got there!

Kathy S. said...

We'll look forward to seeing a photo of that "particular" dress!!

There is something exciting about the threat of a storm as long as it doesn't really happen!

Most of the time we don't think it will and it doesn't. But we have seen so many be affected by them too....

Glad you all were safe and enjoyed the calm after! Sweet pics!

Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

What a memorable shopping trip! Playing in the rain is so much great of you to join in with the kids.

Nicole said...

What fun!! I love playing in the rain. It makes me feel so free!!! So glad you were able to do that.


Kristen said...

Nothing like playing in the rain!
Glad everyone stayed safe. I know all too well the destruction of tornadoes and don't take those warning lightly anymore!

Your family is also a blessing to many of us out here in blogland!!!! Your stories are truly a gift!

Sandy Toes said...

What a fun blog! I saw you on another posting! Glad you were all safe...I am bad at times of taking heed to hubby from the coast takes them very seriously!
-Sandy Toes

Cindy said...

How much fun is that?! Playing in the rain. We don't get much rain in Phoenix but the next time we do I just might have to go play.

Susan said...

Ahhhh, you're always up to something FUN with your children and hubby!!

Thanks for spreading your joy around.

Love you Kelly!!

(still praying for your dad...)

PS I don't stop shopping for ANYTHING either~

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

A precious story. Sounds just like our family, although I've never been a storm chaser or a dress chaser for that matter. Boys don't seem to care what they wear to the prom, but the princess who is 6...

another story waiting to be written.

Hope all is well.


Faithful Froggers said...

So glad everything worked out despite the rain . . . God has a way of doing that! :)

My guys love to play in the rain - maybe next time I'll join them.

Lelia Chealey said...

You better show us some pics from her big night! You are definitely worthy of the Mother of the Year award sister!! I doubt any of those award winners have risked their life for a dress. And a $10.00 coupon! In my eyes you went above and beyond!! ;)
love ya,