Monday, September 22, 2008

CBS- More Than a Television Network!

A few years ago I was playing in my monthly Bunco group when one of my girlfriends invited me to attend her bible study!

I had participated in several studies at my church but this one was not affiliated with a particular church or denomination. It was simply called CBS, short for Community Bible Study, and they met at a nearby church that allowed use of the building.

To sweeten the pot they offered a program for children. At the time, Pablo was 2 and Sophie was a 5 yr. old afternoon kindergartener. HMMM! Free childcare while I met new women and learned more about the bible? Where do I sign up? The only problem was that it was May and the new class didn't begin until September.

September finally arrived and I somehow got the kids into the right classrooms and myself into the "lecture hall" where I didn't know a soul (my girlfriend was absent for the first two weeks). As I watched the Teaching Director and Associate Teaching Director present the details of the class I thought they were so smart, brave and Godly! I would love to be like that someday!!

I also remember looking around and thinking, "Who will God bring into my life through this study? After all, He knew before the foundation of the world that I would be in this place at this time with these women..."

The structure of CBS is:
1. you read scripture
2. complete "homework questions" about the scripture reading
3. discuss the lesson in a small group
4. hear a lecture covering the material

This four-fold approach is great because it addresses every kind of learning style.

As class began that first day I couldn't wait to dig into my lesson!! And when we divided into small groups I discovered most of the women in my group were around my age but with a variety of bible knowledge represented. Throughout that year I grew to love the women in my "core group" and I made many friendships I still treasure.

About halfway through the year I was approached by the Teaching Director (I couldn't believe she knew who I was!) and asked if I would consider being a children's teacher. Looking back I understand that this was a privilege but at the time I didn't feel that way. ~ Just as I was clicking with women they wanted to throw me back with the kids.~

Then the TD said perhaps I should work with the women. Now that blew my socks off and I said "YES" right away.

So two years ago I stepped into leadership by facilitating a "core group" of amazing women. By the end of that year I had accepted the role of "Prayer Chairman" even though I felt completely unworthy of that job. I figured this was God's way of stretching me and growing me in prayer. Besides it was mostly "behind the scenes" stuff. It wasn't like I had to speak in front of the class or anything.

Then one day in August of last year I got a phone call. The woman who was to be the Associate Teaching Director had to step out of leadership due to family obligations and would I consider the job?

NO! I don't want to do that job; it is HUGE and though I am growing I am still so little! I can't, I will fail!

"Not by might, nor by power but by my Spirit says the LORD Almighty," Zechariah 4:6b
NO NO NO! I want to go shopping and travel and spend my time at the gym, this would be too big of a sacrifice of my time!

"Seek first my kingdom and my righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well." Matthew 6:33

OK LORD, I have faith to do what you are calling me to do but I need to be sure it is you and not my own ambitions that are driving me:

"But now listen (Kelley) my servant, (Kelley) whom I have chosen. This is what the LORD says--He who made you, who formed you in the womb, and who will help you: do not be afraid, O (Kelley) my servant, (Kelley) whom I have chosen.......I will pour out my Spirit on your offspring, and my blessing on your descendants." Isaiah 44:1-2, 3b

I am now in my second year as Associate Teaching Director (ATD). It's funny that one of the first things I had to do after accepting the position was travel in the form of an "all expenses paid" trip to Colorado Springs for training.

Pablo is in his 4th year in children's CBS and he knows more scripture and bible facts than all of my other kids combined! This is much more than "childcare", it is a phenomenal kids bible study!

No, I don't recieve a "paycheck" for what I do but I can honestly say that NOTHING else I have ever done (outside of being a mother) has given me this kind of purpose and fulfillment. This year my mom has been able to be a part of the class and I am thrilled that she joins me every Wednesday morning to grow in God's word with 150 other women. God has indeed blessed me!!

To learn more about CBS or to find a class in your area click here (and be sure to let me know if you do!!).

Exploring Garden of the God's in Colorado Springs bef
ore training.

One of the best parts of training "the food!"

Rubbing elbows with Camilla Seaboldt~ Executive Director of CBS
"Graduation Certificates!"

*CBS is very much like BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) but there are some differences. My husband has begun attending BSF with two of our girls. We are blessed to live in a community that offers so many options for worship and bible study!


Rhonda said...

Kelley - congratulations! God knew you were created for leadership! Bless you for being obedient.

luvmy4sons said...

That is great. I am impressed by your willingness to serve and obey. Way to go! I can't help but believe God is pleased. And I am sure you are blessed.

Capri K said...

Thank you for sharing your journey!
I serve at BSF and it is so cool to see women coming together to learn more about the Lord!

Krista said...

You'll do great! Congratulations!

God will use you in ways you can't even imagine. And He will bless you for your obedience.

Come on over and read my post today; I need your prayers!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Congratulations on reaping the rewards of stepping out in faith and obedience to God.

I checked the site and there are a few locations in Indiana but the closest is an hour away and in the morning. One in KY but again over an hour away. It would've been something to seriously consider if it were in the evening or on Saturday.

You are indeed blessed to live in a community sizeable to host so many opportunity to learn and grow in the Word.

Thanks for sharing.

Laurie Ann said...

What an awesome leap of faith to be obedient to God in leadership! He who has called you is Faithful, and I love that you've imitated His faith. Loved the pics and congratulations on your certificate. May God bless you as you continue in His will.

Chatty Kelly said...

They should pay you for your "commerical" for their "network." really, you made it sound so wonderful that I immediately want to find one! Not only for myself but for my little "Pablo" as well!

Runner Mom said...

Awesome post, girlfriend! Love your obedience. I did click on the link, but I still didn't get to the section of where they are located--especially in SC. Any news on that one?? I did start the Precept Bible Study last week--wow! Love it! I'll keep working with it.


HIS Daughter said...

I am so happy that you took that leap of faith and let HIM lead you out of your "comfort zone"!

Pray that I will as well. I love the comfort zone of just loving HIM and being with HIM. I go out and then, I come back to safety really quick.

You will be blessed for all you have given to HIM - now in so much spiritual blessings and then in tons of rewards (that you cast at HIS feet as Beth Moore says :-)

Many blessings and congratulations,

On Purpose said...

Kelley thank you for sharing this testimony...for it reminds us that when we can't...HE CAN!

Way to be a blessing!

Cindy said...

Congratulations! Two years is a wonderful commitment. God has obviously called you to list ministry and I am sure you are a huge blessing to the women.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! How cool is that?!!!

Tonya said...


It's so neat to hear a bit of your testimony and to get to know you a little better. Isn't it just AMAZING to look back over your life and see where GOD'S HAND was OVER YOU? It's so AWESOME that HE'S such a LOVING & PERSONAL GOD!

I've also been checking out your site.. now how did you go and get so smart as to design your own blog? Your talents seem ENDLESS!

Pat said...

You are such a blessing and beautiful to boot! Thank you for the CBS story. God is so good to draw us into His service and allow us the great adventure of being part of His Kingdom work!
You go girl!!!

Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

It is so great to see how God works in our lives when we are willing and obedient. I'm sure you are a tremendous blessing to the group.

I just started BSF this year, I don't think we have a CBS in my area. I wonder what the differences are between the two, they sound fairly similar.

Kathy S. said...

Kelley, what a great report about God's work in your life. It sounds wonderful! I have heard of BSF, it sounds anointed!

This is a good reminder of God fulfilling His purpose for us.

He opens doors and we walk through. May He bless your ministry and family abundantly!

Lelia Chealey said...

God is so great! I love this story of where He has brought you too. Yes, I think we need to do the speaker/assistant thing SOON! :)
Much love,
Can I get an "all expenses paid" trip to KC?? ;)

Connie said...


How neat to hear of your faithfulness in service and the benefits to little Pablo. I was in BSF when my youngest was little and he learned so much too. I am always in awe of you gals who speak and teach us so well. Your group is lucky to have you.


Susan said...

Hey Kelly,

It seems like yesterday you were sharing about this new adventure.

You took the plunge, and look where it has landed you!

I'm just so PROUD of you. I can see God's annoiting on your life growing and growing as I come here to read your posts.

I can hardly imagine how much these women are being mentored/transformed by your life!

Thanks for being such an example to all of us out here.

Keep on pressing on my friend~

Christina said...

That was so cool. How something that began as just a little thing grew to be such a big thing. I will bet that not only has this been a blessing to you, but to all the blessed women you can touch through this job. They are a very lucky group.

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