Monday, July 7, 2008

A Reason To Run...

I've mentioned before that I am a runner. Not really a "runner" exactly but I have found that running is great exercise that helps me to get into shape. At least it helped me get into shape after the first 6 babies but for some reason I haven't been able to shed the extra 20 lbs. left behind (literally) by Quin.

It's strange because I have run longer distances and more frequently since Quin was born than I ever did before. Last summer I was a fitness junkie. I worked out at the gym three days a week and ran 3 to 5 miles, three days a week. I saw some results but I still carried around the extra weight.

Perhaps it is that I am now over 40 (by a few years!) and my metabolism isn't what it used to be. It's possible my body has adapted to this form of exercise and it isn't as effective as it used to be. Or maybe there is a bigger reason for my bigger size, God has some things He wants to tell me through running.

I know that sounds strange but the more I talk (and listen) to other runners I find it's true. While our bodies are working our brains can relax and "hear" God much more clearly.

In the past when I ran I did some of my best thinking, but now every time I hit the pavement it is God's voice that I am hearing. It is so compelling that I have gotten into the habit of grabbing my journal after I run and writing down whatever I have "heard" (warning: this can be tricky if you write in pencil and are sweating all over the page, lol).

So what is the difference? Why am I "hearing" God speak to me now when last year all I heard was my own voice in my head? I believe it is because I am at a place where I am seeking harder after Him & I have sought to be more obedient to Him. I was not in the same place a year ago. And quite simply, it is His timing.

His timing was the message I received during my last run. If I had lost the weight last year, I might not still be running now and then I would have lost the opportunity for God to bless me.

However, if He would have revealed Himself to me in this way 10 years ago I would not have been able to understand His message and my family was not ready to accept it. My husband would have had me committed as one of those "Jesus Freak Bible Thumpers." I am sure he would still use that term to describe me now but with respect and love in his voice. LOL!

I guess what I am trying to say is that God has shown me that my lack of weightloss has been His plan all along. The very thing that has frustrated me is what God is using to speak to me. While I have been concerned and focused with the outside, He has been working on the inside.

Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day.

2 Corinthians 4:16

No, I don't look as young and thin as I did 10 years ago but I wouldn't trade it for the person I am now. As I was thinking about all of this on my run the other day God gave me a literal message.......

That alone motivates me to keep lacing up my running shoes and running hard after my God!


Laurie Ann said...

God's timing is always so awesome. I find it incredible how and when He speaks to us, whether it's through things like running (I don't run unless I'm being chased) or through rocking babies. God's given me some of the best food for thought through time spent rocking my grandson. Must remember to pass the baby and grab the journal when he wakes up!

Susan said...

Ahhh Kelly,

This was great. Man, I really need to start exercising. (Busted!)

Running, I can hardly WALK.

But I can do "something". I know God wants to discipline me and SPEAK to me too! (losing a weight would be nice too!)

You look just perfect on the outside and I KNOW the inside sure is beautiful!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us♥

Jenny said...

I'm thinking of joinging a gym, of course I have been thinking about it for awhile now!

Running was more than I could do in my younger years! Meghan runs and loves it though.

It was great seeing you at She Speaks too! I finally feel like I am caught up on my sleep and house work...kinda!

Kim said...

I'm with you friend. I too...find my best "God" times...while running. I often wonder what people think when they see me run by? Sometimes I'm laughing...sometimes I'm crying...and looks like I'm talkin' to myself. lol

God is doing some amazing things in my heart right now too....and I CANNOT slip on my shoes...and get out their running!!

Thanks for your encouraging words friend.

Keep it up...know that I'm running with you!


tiggerdaisy said...

And you are gorgeous on the outside, too! :)

Thanks for the encouragement. You spoke directly to my heart!


luvmy4sons said...

Great message. It is so neat how He works all things together for our good! And you are most certainy beautiful, inside and out. You are His beloved and chosen and a heir...that is wonderful news! Great post. Oh....just wondering about the amount of cooked, processed food you eat...I find the more raw fruits and veggies I eat the more stable my weight, but let me snack on too much even wholesome foood and here come the pounds!

Lelia Chealey said...

Although you shared this with me this weekend over the phone, I loved reading it Kelley! God is really working in you and it shows girlfriend!!
I personally hope He continues to speak to you and never lets you shed the weight! lol...Kelley, you know I'm a "model" and model's are jealous of anyone skinnier than her!
Seriously though,this was an awesome post!!
Love you,

Judy @ In His Grip said...

I totally agree, God is so good at getting up with us at the crack of dawn and running right along side of us. What is it about a good run that brings a good talk with God along with it? I think that is why this 45 year old body will not give up this sport that is truly for the young.

Lysa TerKeurst said...

I need to order me about 10 of those signs and place it all along the trail where Holly and I run.


I have to run to stay sane, in tune with God and slightly fit.

Loved your insights as I am right there with you on the whole lack of weight loss issue.

Renee Swope said...

My husband really wants me to start running with him but I hate how much it hurts!!! Oh, you inspire me again with your amazing attitude - and you are so stinkin' pretty even all sweaty with no make-up! Was that taken before or after your run?


Pamela (MrsJoeB) said...

I love it!! I love His timing and how He shows us His messages in the most unique ways!! You are beautiful on the inside and the outside Kelley-I came to know that more fully at She Speaks!! Running is a great way to "mind fast"-to push satan out and allow more room for God. Keep it up!!

In His Graces~Pamela

Melanie said...

Kelley, I think this post is great. God works in so many way sin our lives and sometimes it is in the simple things like quiet time while we exercise.

Have a great week!

Runner Mom said...

Hey, Kelley!
I would have loved to have run with you at She Speaks!!

By the time I finish my running, I don't take the time to write down what God has whispered to me. I struggle with hearing Him while I run! I think it's adult ADD!! Truly! I start talkling with Him, and the next minute, I'm planning my supper menu for that night! I tend to zone out on long runs, or if Im running with someone, I am busy chatting away.

So now, my friend, you have challenged me to rethink my run for tomorrow. I am going to TRY my best to focus on HIM, and if I hear HIM, write it down as soon as I get home :)Thank you!!

And by the way, you look awesome!!!The way I lose weight with the running (and I am waaayy older than you are!) is to up my mileage (which takes more time from your family) and incorporate speedwork--yep, hit the track and do repeats. Do these with running buddies, and it's a lot easier! Promise!


Tracy said...

Wow! You've inspired me to want to start running! I enjoy walking and find it's a great time to listen for the Lord, or praise Him with worship songs ringing in my ears. I've always wanted to try running. We'll see! (Consistency in any exercise routine is my biggest struggle!)

P.S. You look great!!! = )

Joyful said...

Kelley...for the're gorgeous outside too!

Fabulous post! Wonderful teaching! My Pastor is doing a series right now on "Listening". Sometimes I get so frustrated because God seems silent, but I read recently how I should really treasure those times. God is only silent with those He knows will continue to sit at His feet and wait for Him. Silence is a sign of intimacy. That encouraged me to keep waiting and cherishing each word when He does speak.

Can't wait to hear what He continues to teach you.
Love & prayers,
PS. It's good to be back!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Oh girl. Another reason I need to start running. That's so awesome.

You look FABULOUS. Really. I don't know where you're hiding those extra 20 lbs. :)

Jennifer said...

Hmm..You have my "wheels spinning". I'm not sure about running...but I do need to start walking again. But, maybe I can work my way up to running. Now, that would be a site to see!

Isn't it amazing when GOD speaks to us?

As always, enjoyed the post!

Krista said...

I think you look great in all your pictures. And I think you are even more beautiful on the inside; that I can see through your writing. I love fitness too; not necessarily running but I know how frustrating it can be to work so hard and not see the physical results that you are looking for. Press on, sister!

Janna Rust said...

Thanks for sharing. I've had some of my most intimate times with God while on a long walk through the park. It is a amazing how He speaks to us through our surroundings and that "small" voice when we are quieted to hear Him!

Teri said...

Runner wanna be here! Good encouragement!

On Purpose said...

Good Morning Kelly,

Your blog title caught my eye today, as I also run and have pondered many minutes (maybe even hours) why is the weight not just "dumping" off along the roadside as I run?!?!

And as I read further today, I realized too that some of my best quiet and serious "listening" time is when I am running.

Thank you Kelly for this post today, God used you as His vessel to correct my thinking about running...and that He has a purpose for it that far "out weighs" mine.

Its the whole setting aside my agenda...hard to do!

May God bless you today!


Paula (SweetPea) said...

Great message, Kelley. Indeed, God is so much more concerned with our journey than our destination. I believe with all my heart what you have said is exactly true. God's timing is perfect and He knows when His message will be heard with the greatest fruit. How awesome is that. As you look over your journey and graciously share it with us, you/we can see the blessings in why God did what He did and chose the timing He did.
Thanks for this wonderful message.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

With you on this one, in every way! The one thing I prize most about my times running is the conversations I have with God in my head. I get some of my best ideas for writing while running.

Keep to the pavement, friend. Our hearts, both physically and spiritually are the better for it!


Terri and Bob said...

This is such a good post, and timely for me... I can't walk very well either, well, I am saying that so I don't have to... but if you hear God's voice more clearly when you run, that is enough for me to start running. I haven't ever ran though... I don't even own a pair of shoes that you can run in, unless you can run in low heeled slides!

Lisa said...

I love to run, too and have been doing it for many years. But I run on the treadmill in front of the TV. Maybe I should hit the streets.

Yes, God is faithful!

Ang baylis said...

This is SO funny! I just got in from a run when I sat down to read this! I've missed you! I'm glad you have such a great reason to run. I cannot run without music. I love to listen to Praise and Worship with Him!
Much love to you from another 40 something girl in Michigan!
Angie xoxo

Amy Wyatt said...

Talk about getting a sign! Woohoo girl, I love that one.
You are beautiful inside... and outside too.

cautious1 said...

Great post! What an awesome reminder of the ways in which God works. It is in His time, not ours. As a newer Christian, I have thought many times, "Man, I wish that I would have known about a personal relationship with God about 15 years ago because I am so excited about the fact that I now "KNOW" Jesus. I'm even more excited to see what God has in store for me in the future. Your post is a great reminder to me that God moves at his own pace, not mine.
I recently ran across your blog and have enjoyed reading it!

Kristen said...

Oh how I can relate! I am not a runner, but a cyclist. Isn't it amazing how we can focus our minds to hear Him while exercising!

I love the real estate sign - and what a message God gave you!

You are beautiful inside and out!

Jami @ livelaughlove5 said...

Kelley you are a beautiful women, inside and out!!

Jill said...

I have been lurking here from time to time. This post hit me right where I am at. Thank you.

Laura said...

Hi, Kelley! I'm right with ya, sista! (on running and the extra weight) Running is therapy for me. It is one of my greatest times to be with God. I got your sweet card last week! I hope you enjoy the book.:)

Carol said...

First, you are beautiful!!! Second, you go girl! You know I love to run. This is one of the reasons. God really does speak during those times. Keep up the good work!