Monday, January 25, 2010

A Bloggers Tale...

Once Upon a Time....there was a woman who wanted to start a blog.

Through the blog she could stay connected with family, make new friends, express her creativity and develop her writing skills.

Much to her delight Blogland turned out to be an encouraging place filled with lovely ladies and the woman made many new friends, both online and in person.

In the beginning, similar to a new relationship, there seemed to be no loss of ideas and topics to post on. God, family, activities, history, beliefs, travel, problem-solving.....there was so much to write about and the woman was inspired and energized by the writing!

Not only was she encouraged as a writer but by visiting the sites of other women she was able to give and receive encouragement from others.

On top of that the woman discovered how to create new designs for her blog. Playing with the look and layout became part of the fun and she even made a little profit by helping other ladies update the look of their blogs.

But then one day the woman realized blogging wasn't fun anymore. Life was busy & stressful and her blog was an added pressure and deadline in her life. Writing was no longer creative and energizing, it was forced and draining.

Besides not having time to write she also felt guilty for not visiting the blogs of her new "friends". As for creating blog designs, they became more of a business than a passion.

Finally the woman did what anyone would do when they are overwhelmed. She turned her back on her blog and went on vacation (a LONG vacation) away from Blogland. Thanks to Facebook she didn't have to completely sever her ties to the online community (and many of her friends in Blogland) but conversing on Facebook doesn't carry the same "commitment" as blogging.

Still though, when other people would talk about writing a post or someone would ask about her blog she would get that itch to write again. Every once in awhile something would happen to get her "creative juices" flowing and the woman would think about returning to Blogland.....

The question was: "did she remember how to get there? What if she couldn't think of anything to write about? And what if she got overwhelmed by the time commitment again and had to leave?"

Then she got a grip and remembered, "life is about living in the present".

The past is behind me,
tomorrow is not guaranteed,
today is what I have to work with.....
and today I am feeling the urge to connect with friends, express myself and work on my writing today I decided to blog!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kelley,
I've been watching your blog since I returned from the conference in Kansas City. Remember me? Well I was so glad you have returned to blogging. Not that I was around previous to now. But to my surprise when I came home for lunch today, ~there you were~. I'm running out the door, but will comment further on your posting today. I just wanted to be the first to say ~ glad you're here~!

Patricia Ellis

Anonymous said...

I haven't been on-line in ages. For a time we didn't have internet access at home, and so I was using my work computer during lunches, etc. to read the blogs I enjoyed. Then the company that I worked for sold to another company and we could no longer use the computers for personal things even on our own time. We just recently got internet access at home again - what a coincidence that the first time I googled Aroma of Joy was the first time in a long time that you decided to write!

I always enjoyed what you had to share and I'm sure I'll be back from time to time again!



Lelia Chealey said...

For some blogging is what God has called them to do and so its not a burden. You are called to be involved in the leadership for CBS at this time so let that free you of feeling burdened or even comitted to blogland. Just show up when you can and want to. We always love to hear from you. So thankful you were blogging 2 years ago!!! Can't believe all the memories we've already made. You're awesome! Love ya!! Welcome back Kotter. I mean Kelley! ;)

Kathy S. said...

SWEET! I have missed you (though I see you occasionally on facebook ;) I enjoy your writing, and reading about your family. But glad you could take a break and refresh and come back when you felt like it...I was much absent during wedding prep, and enjoyed facebook during that time.

オテモヤン said...
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tiggerdaisy said...

I'm so glad you are back in blogtown! :) And just for the record, this story rings a familiar tune in my spirit...

Prayers and blessings,