Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Adventures at the Dentist

One of the biggest places I feel like I fail as a mom is in taking my kids to the dentist. No, I never went regularly as a kid and yes, I have had nightmare experiences in the dental chair myself. That is not to excuse my failure to be regular with dental appointments but between busy schedules and inept insurance it has just been easy to ignore going to the dentist. You know kids aren't required to have a dental exam to get into school or to play sports like they are a physical so unless a problem arose, I just put it out of my mind. I know, I probably deserve some kind of "mom demerits" for not being on top of my kids teeth. If it counts for anything, I do remind them several times a day to "brush your teeth!!"

Oh well, the damage is done and I am going to pay the price (literally). So far we are looking at three kids and thirteen cavities between them. That's right, thirteen. And we still have three kids and two adults to be checked! Plus I think the little ones were proud of it. They kept running out to tell me, "Four, C has four!" or "Q is up to three!" Bless their little hearts, it will probably be announced on the intercom at school tomorrow and from the pulpit on Sunday. "Please pray for the K. family and their dental inadequacies. Not to mention the bills that they will be paying on all year because their insurance doesn't include "restorative care." I figure the dentist called his wife as soon as we left and said, "get the travel agent on the line, I just hit a goldmine!"

Seriously, the people at this office were so helpful and nice I wanted to bring them home with me. As I struggled with the insurance company on the phone or as I told the Dr. the kids hadn't seen a dentist in two years they didn't judge me or pressure me, they were just kind and understanding! I could use that kind of encouragement and support on a regular basis!

So I am praying that we can get caught up with all of this dental drama and keep it under control! All three kids need to do a better job of brushing and flossing and I need to check out my dental insurance options. Meanwhile, I get to take two of them to see the orthodontist. Kaching, Kaching$$$$...

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BeverlyDru said...

I visited your blog through the links at the She Speaks conference blog. I am new to the blog world. Just had to comment on this dentist thing because I relate, Big Time! I have always had a terrible fear of the dentist and somehow manage to make myself go. I did fairly well with our children. (My baby is a high school senior) When our son when off to college, I told him he needed to find a dentist and take care of that... but he never did. He just called yesterday and had been for the first time in about 4 years. (He is now 22!) He was not happy with his report. But we live and learn and pay big on this one. Ouch. I feel your pain. Blessings for provision and endurance. Have a wonder filled day.