Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Our Very Own Fan Club...

You would think by now I would be leery of "letting my guard down" and actually getting comfortable on vacation. After all the last time I did that we found ourselves facing a hurricane in Mexico!

Never-the-less that is exactly how I was beginning to feel on Monday. The sun was bright, my hubby and kids were playing in the sand and I was alone in the condo, enjoying my morning cup of coffee and finally writing on my long-neglected blog. Could life get better than this??

And then, as if on cue, someone knocked at the door......

It was "Building Management" and they wanted to know if we were having any water issues. "no, other than the toilet seems to run quite often." He shrugged that off and asked if they could come in and look around?

(now why exactly did I want to be ALONE in the condo?)
Immediately they started looking at the walls. From my view this is what we saw:

(many of the walls are covered in hand painted murals)

But they were looking through a different lens, specifically the lens of an InfaRed Water Detection camera. None of the pretty pictures painted on the walls impressed them at all but what was behind the wall had them very concerned! There was water and if left untreated it could turn to mold and eventually destroy the entire structure.

After discussing it among themselves for a few minutes the man turned to me and said:

"I'm sorry Ma'am but we are going to have to bring in some equipment that will impact your stay. If you can, you might look for somewhere else to move to."

"WHAT? But this is our vacation" I whined.

"You must understand that salvation of this building is our first priority. I am very sorry but we will be in touch."

Apparently the "building manager" trumps the "condo owner" in the heirarchy of decsion making and the comfort of a guest is not their main concern.

Later that afternoon we returned from the beach to find our very own "fan club" waiting for us in our "not-so-perfect" condo.

(a giant de-humidifier & 2 of the 3 very loud fans that must run continually)

It is a good thing we are a family who is no stranger to inconvenience, LOL!

All of this has made me think...... what is hiding inside our walls?

In our culture we tend to focus on outward appearance ("working-out", what we wear, the cars we drive, where we live, spending a fortune on skin-care...) but we are slowly being destroyed by what's inside; bitterness, unforgiveness, greed, lonlieness, insecurity, fear....

Fortunately we have a "building manager" who is able to detect and fix the problem before it is exessive and visible to the naked eye.

If we let Him, God will shine the "infa-red light" of His love on us and not only expose those areas that threaten to destroy us but He also promises to help us repair them. He doesn't promise it will be comfortable but our comfort is not His first priority, our salvation is.

So in the inconvenience of struggling to be heard over the fans I take comfort, once again, in the fact that God is with us and at work in our family....


Pat said...

Oh Kelley....How sad. We had a bit of the same thing on our beach vacation this year when we returned to ur room after a day on the beach to a master bed soaked with water. We ended up having to move, all by ourselves, to another unit. YUK.
Great attitude though!
Bless you,

Chatty Kelly said...

I"m so sorry to hear your "peaceful' vacation was interrupted by loud equipment. But I love the lesson you shared because of it.


Joyful said...

WOW...from bats in your engine to water in your walls...what next?...or should I even ask?

I must say though, that your life still shines with His glory. May you find a treasure in the darkness. (Is.45:3)

"It seems that God best displays the brilliance of His grace against the backdrop of our darkest and even blackest moments." Joni Eareckson Tada

Shine on my friend and trust you are still enjoying your vacation!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Great post Kelley. What a wonderful analogy of your condo stay to what God does. I eek at His infra-red light shining on me to see my damaging areas. However, I rejoice at knowing He will help to remove and repair those. Comfortable? No. I always say, God is not concerned with our comfort but our character. What we do in the midst of trials and turmoil and who we become...not how comfy and cozy we are.

Have a great vacation.

Kathy S. said...

What a great parallel you drew from your "fan club" Adventure Girl!

You got a test and a testimony again!!